Bamo Radar Level Measurement PILOTREK

Radar Level Measurement PILOTREK

 Radar Level Measurement PILOTREK[/caption]

The Pilotrek is a radar level transmitter without contact with the liquid, with protected electronic module integrated in the housing. Compact, this device powered by the 4-20 mA loop is distinguished by its reliability and accuracy. Located above the liquid surface, it provides an analogue signal proportional to the level of the liquid. The measurement is not affected by changes of operating temperature and pressure. Easy settings through only 4 keys. For complete programming, the display module SAP 300 provides access to all parameters. The radar operates at a frequency of 25 GHz (K band). Compared to radars operating at low frequency (5-12 GHz), the antenna size, the dead zone and the measurement angle are reduced.


  • Measuring range: 0.2 to 23 m
  • Without contact with the fluid
  • 4-20 mA loop power supply
  • IP 67 compact housing
  • Option: Display/ programming module


PILOTREK is an accurate level transmitter of liquids, slurries, emulsions and other chemicals in many fields of application such as: food, energy, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and even in shipbuilding. PILOTREK provides a contact-free measurement for those substances which create vapors and is convenient as well as for vacuum applications.


MeasurementLevel, Distance; Volume
Signal frequencyAbout 25 GHz (K-band)
Measuring rangeFrom 0.2 m to 23 m according antenna type → See ''Maximum measurement distance''
Linearity error< 0.5 m: ±25 mm
 1m to 1.5 m: ±10 mm
 0.5 to 1 m: ±15 mm
 1.5 to 8 m: ±3 mm
 > 8 m: ± 0.04 % of measured distance
Measuring angleMaximum 19° (Antenna DN 40)
╬Ár minimum of liquid1.9
Resolution1 mm
Temperature incidence0.05 % F.S. / 10 °C
Power supply20V...36VDC
Output  signal4-20 mA + HART®
Display module (option)SAP-300, graphical display unit
Signal dampingFrom 0 to 99 s
Measuring frequency10 ... 60 s (as per the application)
Head housing materialPBT
Antenna materialAISI 316 Ti (1.4571) (316Ti) or PP
Temperature limitsLiquid: -30 °C ... +100 °C; With PP protection: up to 80 °C max.
 Ambient: -20 ... 60 °C
Operating pressures25 bar; With PP protection: 3 bar
ProtectionIP 67
Connections2 x M20x1.5 (cable O.D.: 7 to 13 mm)
 2x ½" NPT cable glands
 Wire section: 1.5 mm² max.
Electrical protectionClass III
SealingFPM, EPDM
MassMax. 1.6 kg

Download Data Sheet: Radar Level Measurement PILOTREK