Bamo Temperature Probe with Pt 100 Ω Sensor TS 13


Bamo Temperature Probe with Pt 100 Ω Sensor TS 13
Temperature Probe with Pt 100 Ω Sensor TS 13[/caption]

Bamo Measures Sas has been founded in 1978. Its capital is now 400 000 Euros. Since the beginning, the company has undergone a rapid development centring on industrial pH-meters and conductivity meters. Bamo is now well-known as a leader on the French market.

Since 1990, new developments in the Level Measure have given a new spring in the export. To its own production range, the company holds numerous agencies of foreign companies in Europe and all over the world. So we are offering a complete line with always the best possible service.

Bamo is a company that comes from France. This company selling some product. The product of Bamo such as pH and ORP; Chlorine, disinfection; Data processors; Conductivity; Water hardness; Turbidity; Oxygen; Level; Temperature; Flow; Pressure; Plastic valves; Metal valves.

Temperature Probe with Pt 100 Ω Sensor TS 13

The measurement is based on variation of resistance from metallic wires (resistors) against variations of temperature. Materials most often used are platinum and nickel. Platinum offers a large temperature range and a good linearity. His pureness and chemical inertia guarantee a high stability of sensor itself.

Relation between platinum resistance and temperature according Standard CEI 751 is as following formula (restricted):

Rt = Ro [ 1 + At + Bt2 + Ct3 (t - 100)]

  • Rt : Sensor resistance at temperature t
  • Ro : Sensor resistance at 0°C
  • t : Temperature in °C
  • A B C : coefficients according to previous calibration ( C = 0 for positive temperature in °C)

Industrial probes and boards are based on:

  • Ro = 100 Ohm at 0°C
  • R100 = 138.5 Ohm at 100°C

The TS13 probe is entirely designed with plastic materials. Made to your application for aggressive environments, the TS13 probe reduces maintenance costs while maintaining the measurement quality of traditional metal probes.


  • Plastic probe
  • Materials: PVC, PP, PVDF
  • Sensor: Pt 100 Ω at 0 °C
  • Range: from -20 °C up to 140 °C


Temperature measurements in aggressive fluids. Example: chemical industry, surface treatments, sewage / wasted water etc.

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Operating range:-10°C ... +105°C
Process connection:BSP 1/2”
Stem:Ø 12 mm, Length 500 mm
Sensor:single, 3 wires technique
 Class B
Electrical connections:Screw connectors

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