Burkert Type 6013 Plunger Valve 2/2 Way Direct-acting





Valve 6013 is a direct-acting plunger valve. The stopper and plunger guide tube are welded together to enhance pressure resistance and leak-tightness. Various seal material combinations are available depending on the application. A B├╝rkert-specific flange design (SFB) enables space-saving arrangement of valves on a manifold. The coils are moulded with polyamide or with chemically resistant epoxy. Pulse coils and 'Kick and Drop' electronics are available for overexcitation (plug 2511) for the reduction of electrical power consumption during operation. Optional manual actuation enables quick commissioning and easy maintenance. In combination with a plug in accordance with DIN EN 175301-803 Form A, the valves satisfy protection class IP65. Stainless steel valves satisfy NEMA 4X. This product can be combined with Timer type 1087 and Cable Plug type 2518.


  • Direct-acting and compact valve up to diameter of DN 6.0
  • Vibration-proof, bolted coil system
  • Increased leak-tightness with welded plunger guide tube
  • Explosion proof versions
  • Energy-saving pulse versions


Technical Data

  • Body material
    Type 6013 : Brass, stainless steel 1.4305
    Type 6013 : A Brass, stainless steel 1.4305
  • Seal material : FKM, PTFE/Graphite (EPDM on request)
  • Analysis version
    Type 6013 A : Silicon, oil and fat free version, Tightness <10-4 mbar l/s
  • Limit value for risidual carbon
    Type 6013 A : <0.2 mg/dm²
  • Medium : Technical vacuum
    Type 6013 : Neutral gases and liquids (e.g. compressed air, water, hydraulic oil),
    Type 6013 A : Neutral medium, which does not attack the body and seal materials (see chemical resistance chart)
  • Medium temperature
    FKM : -10 to +100 °C (PA coil) till 120 °C (Epoxy coil)
    PTFE/Graphite : -40 to +180 °C (see chemical resistance chart)
    FKM, Circuit function B : -10 to 100 °C (AC) -10 to 120 °C (DC)
  • Ambient temperature : Max. +55 °C
  • Viscosity : Max. 21 mm²/s
  • Port connection
    Type 6013 : G ⅛, G ¼, G ⅜, sub-base (SFB)
    Type 6013 A : G ⅛, G ¼
  • Operating voltage
    Type 6013 : 24 V DC, 24 V/50 Hz, 230 V/50 Hz
    Type 6013 A : 24 V DC, 230 V/50 Hz (other voltages on request)
  • Voltage tolerance : ±10%
  • Duty cycle/single valve (With block assembly on manifold) : 100% continuous rating. Intermittent operation 60% (30 min) or with 5 W coil on request.
  • Electrical connection : Tag connector acc. to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A (previously DIN 43650) for cable plug Type 2508 (see accessories)
    ATEX/IECEx version with 3 m moulded cable
  • Installation : As required, preferably with actuator upright
  • Assembly : No oils, fats or silicone to be used during installation
  • Protection class : IP65 with cable plug, ATEX/IECEx junction box version and cable connection version
  • Coil insulation class : Polyamide class B and Epoxy class H

Technical data - analytical version

Solenoid valves for higher Requirements
This version is particularly suitable for switching from extremely pure gaseous medium. All media-affected parts are submitted to additional purification processes, so that the media is not contaminated under any circumstances.

The tightness test takes place at the Helium leak detector from a min. of 10-4 mbar I/sec

  • Analysis version : Media flowing through are not contaminated
  • Limit for risidual carbon : <0.2 mg/dm²
  • Permissible leakage rate for medium :
    10-4 mbar l/sec
    Neutral medium, which does not attack the body and seal materials
    Technical vacuum
  • Electr. connection : Tag connector acc. to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A (previously DIN43650) for cable plug Type 2508 (see accessories)
  • Mounting instructions : No oils, fats or silicone used during the assembly

Technical data of the DVGW version

The Type 6013 DVGW solenoid valve is designed primarily as an automatic safety shut-off valve for flammable gases. A strainer is installed in the inlet of the valve.

  • DVGW version : DIN EN 161:2013; DIN EN 13611:2015
  • Seal material : NBR
  • Medium : Flammable gases such as town gas; district gas; liquid gas; hydrogen
  • Mediums temperature : 0 to +80 °C
  • Ambient temperature : 0 to +55 °C
  • Max. Operating pressure : 0 to 5 bar
  • Circuit : function A normally closed

Download Datasheet: Burkert Type 6013 Plunger Valve 2/2 Way Direct-acting

Reference : burkert-usa.com