Capacitive proximity switch CPS–24, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement

Capacitive proximity switch CPS–24, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement

Capacitive Proximity Switch CPS–24, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement | Descriptions

Capacitive proximity switch CPS–24 is intended for the detection of proximity or motion of solid objects. It is suitable for an indication of the liquid level through non-conductive walls of vessels or on non-conductive gauge-pipes. It is excellent for liquid leakage detection in collection pits or directly on floors. The sensor state is indicated by LED. The sensitivity is adjustable by a trimmer located under a cover screw on the rear side. The design and housing materials of CPS allow the use in complicated environments (harsh, dusty, explosive, aggressive) as well as in clean environments (medical technology).


  • Detect liquids in glass or plastic pipes, indicate liquids in inter-coat space of double-coated tanks
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • NPN, PNP or NAMUR output
  • The material of housing and nut from stainless steel
  • Version for usage in explosive areas
  • LED state indication

Safety, protection, compatibility and explosion-proof

The level sensor is equipped with protection against electric shock on the electrode, reverse polarity, output current overload, short circuit and against current overload on output.

Protection against dangerous contact is provided by low safety voltage according to EN 33 2000-4-41. Electromagnetic compatibility is provided by conformity with standards EN 55 022/B, EN 61326-1/Z1, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-6.

Explosion-proof CPS-24Xi is provided by conformity with standards EN 60079-0:2013, EN 60079-11:2012.

Explosion-proof CPS-24Xi is verified FTZÚ – AO 210 Ostrava – Radvanice: FTZÚ 02 ATEX 0233X

A declaration of conformity was issued for this device in the wording of Act No. 90/2016 Coll., as amended. Supplied electrical equipment matches the requirements of valid European directives for safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Special conditions for safe use of variant CPS-24Xi

The level sensor is designed to be connected with supply unit type NSSU, NDSU, and NLCU. If some other approved apparatus is used, its output parameters comply with the above-mentioned parameters, then it is necessary to include galvanic separation and/ or in case of application of apparatus without galvanic separation (Zener safety barriers) it is necessary to provide equipotential equalization between sensor and point of barrier earthing.

For zone 0 application the present potentially explosive atmosphere of air mixed with gases, mists, or vapors shall comply with the following:

Tamb = -20 to +60°C, p = 0.8 bar to 1.1 bar.

Maximum input parameters:

Ui = 12 V; Ii = 15 mA; Pi = 45 mW; Ci = 15 nF; Li = 10 μH


Supply voltage 7 ... 36 V DC *
Current supply (state OFF / ON) 3 / 6 mA *
Switching current (NPN, PNP output)200 mA *
Electric strength500 V AC
Coupling capacity 2.2 nF
Max. switching frequency 5 Hz
Sensitivity – sensing distance 0 ... 10 mm (adjustable)
Hysteresis5 ... 15 %
Ambient temperature range -20 ... +70°C
Protection class IP67
Cable (version with cable outlets)
CPS – 24NPVC 3 x 0.5 mm2
CPS –24XiPVC 2 x 0.75 mm2
Weight (incl. 2 m cable) Approx. 0.3 kg


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