Contact Resistance Thermometer TP 30 Hengesbach

 The temperature sensors have been specially designed to record the surface temperatures of resting media, e.g. tanks. The pressure with which the movable sensor tip is pressed against the surface (which may be uneven) optimize adaptation to the measuring point and guarantees recording of the surface temperatures during stationary processes, in combination with the head-sensitive, installed Pt100 measuring element.

The system is easy to install via the G½ welding socket, which - depending on the prevailing installation options - can be selected for installation either on top of or flush with the wall of the tank. Thermal conductance paste is recommended to improve heat transmission.

The resistance thermometers can be delivered either with a directly connected cable or with a stainless steel field housing and can also be used outdoors, as they fall into protective category IP 67. Single or double PT100 temperature sensors according to EN 60751, Class A, guarantee a high degree of accuracy. Optional programmable measuring transducers can be used for longer transmission routes.


  • no contact with the medium
  • head-sensitive installation of the measuring resistance for optimal temperature recordings
  • the measuring point can be retrofitted
  • optionally with cable connection or head transmitter
  • can be serviced during operation


Connection head / housingStainless stelle field housing H, 1.4301 
 Cable version: 1 m fixed silicon cable, other types and lengths on request 
Protection type EN 60529IP 67 
Process connectionG ½ B-threaded connection 
 ∅ 6mm measuring tip, spring-loaded up to 4 mm 
MaterialStainless steel Material No. 1.4571 
Temperature sensorStandard: 1 x 3-wire PT100 according to EN 60751, Class A, 
 Options: Class B 1/3 DIN or B 1/10 DIN 
 Single or double PT100 in a 2- or 3-wire circuit, 
 Single PT100 in a 4-wire circuit 
Application temperature-50... + 250°C 
Response timesMeasuring conditions, medium: Water (stationary process) 
 T50 = 3.5 s, T90 = 11 s - depends on installation situations 
Operating pressure punpressurised 
Two-wire measuring transducerprogrammableData sheet type TE32, TE41/42, TE52/HART, TE82/Profibus PA
 Item No. 06002211 - closed welding socket, ∅ 30 mm, G ½ B-threaded connection, Material No. 1.4571 
 Item No. 06002059 - open welding socket, ∅ 30 mm, G ½ B-threaded connection, Material No. 1.4571 
 VARIVENT connection adaptor d = 68 mm 

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