Contactor-Based Transfer Switch

 Whether your needs are standard commercial, harsh industrial, or mission-critical, Eaton’s innovative contractor- based ATS design and robust construction set the standard for maintaining power to critical loads and optimizing system uptime.

Product Configuration

  • 1600, 2000, 2600, 3000 A
  • Two-, three- or four-pole
  • Up to 600 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • NEMA 1, 3R

Design Highlights

Adaptability and flexibility

  • Highly configurable and integration friendly design with ratings from 2000 A to 3000 A allows you to easily select the right transfer switch for your application
  • Available in open and closed transition types, as well as Automatic, Non- Automatic, and Manual operation modes
  • Scalable configurations including ATC-300+ and ATC-900 automatic transfer controllers allow matching intelligence and programming capabilities to your specifications

Improved performance and reliability

  • UL 1008 listed short-circuit (100 kA; 0.05 second) and short-time (85 kA; 0.5 seconds) withstand closing ratings provide increased reliability and system uptime for multiple National Electrical Code (NEC) system types
  • Stored energy technology permits manual operation under load for added redundancy
  • Dual operator facilitates the use of a single contactor type switching mechanism for closed transition configuration, minimizing footprint

Enhanced safety and serviceability

  • Unique compartmentalized construction provides enhanced safety for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel can electrically isolate the control compartment while the transfer switch is energized to facilitate routine maintenance and maximize uptime
  • Kirk-key interlock allows for lock-out/tag-out of the switching mechanism
  • Three-pushbutton tethered control allows the operator to manually initiate a transfer between power sources at a distance

Simplified installation and integration

  • Terminal connections can be made from the front or rear and at the top or bottom of the enclosure to simplify installation, with a built-in source swap option for Normal and Emergency connections
  • Standard 40-inch enclosure depth (NEMA 1) can be extended to 48, 54, or 66 inches for integration into the electrical distribution lineup. Up to (12) 1/0–750 kcmil Cu/Al mechanical lugs per phase available for normal, emergency, and load connections
  • All mounting locations for anchoring the enclosure are internal to help minimize footprint and maintain seismic ratings when integrated into a power distribution lineup