Danfoss Industrial Pressure Switches

Danfoss Industrial Pressure Switches 

Danfoss Industrial Pressure Switches

Danfoss Industrial Pressure Switches | Switch to a reliable solution

With over 75 years experience of producing pressure controls for industry applications, Danfoss offers the widest range of any manufacturer. The Danfoss range of industrial pressure switches measure and control the pressure of air and liquids. Our pressure switches are accurate, robust, built for long life, and perform flawlessly day after day, even under harshest conditions.

Danfoss pressure switches are electromechanical controls and limiters, that control the pressure of air and liquids within a given pressure range. All contact systems in Danfoss regulating units incorporate a "snap-action" system that maintains the contact force until the moment of contact break. This distinguishes them from competing products in which micro switches are used.

Features and benefits

  • Low differential switching : Pressure and temperature controls have either fixed or adjustable differential settings, good readability, and high accuracy of range setting with use of the scale.
  • Bellows technology : The lifetime of a pressure and temperature switch is determined by the quality of the bellows. Using advanced technology, and being world leader, Danfoss’ bellows are manufactured without any welding points, which makes them stress free and completely tight.
  • Designed for various applications : Danfoss offers a very broad range of purpose-specific enclosures and connections.
  • Snap action contacts : All contacts are “snap-action” types, maintaining the contact force until the moment of contact break. Units with gold-plated contacts are ideal for low electrical loads while the silvercadmium contacts are developed for high loads.
  • 15 international approvals : Danfoss offers a wide range of approvals suited for specific applications and geographical markets.
  • High vibration stability : Outstanding vibration stability in switches ensures flawless operation even in heavy-duty applications.
  • Wide pressure ranges : The programme covers working ranges from -1 bar up to 400 bar
  • High reliability : All switches feature high accuracy, repeatability and stability over time.
  • Different sensing elements : As experts in charging technologies, Danfoss offers temperature switches that operate in a wide temperature range.

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Marine and railway equipment
Break down of essential functions in trains and ships due to failures in the controls and safety equipment can be dangerous, very costly and time consuming. These customers therefore choose partners who have a good reputation and superior products to offer, among others:

  • Temperature and pressure control and alarm functions in lubrication oil systems – type KPS, CAS and MBC
  • Pressure control for air compressors – type MBC, KP and RT
  • Essential safety control on trains – type RT and CAS

Industrial boilers and boiler room equipment
For boilers and in boiler rooms, accurate monitoring of steam/hot water installations, heat exchangers and water treatment equipment for feed water is vital. Danfoss’ programme for steam and high-pressure hot water boilers and burners includes :

  • Safety approved pressure controls – type BCP and RT
  • Reliable alarm and safety functions – type BCP, RT and KP

Autoclaves and sterilisers
High control and safety are essential within the autoclave process. Temperatures and pressures must be controlled within narrow limits over time by products with high repeatability and trustworthy performance :

  • Check of door sealing – type KP, BCP and RT
  • Pressure controls of steam supply – type KP, RT and BCP
  • Control and alarm of pressure in the process chamber – type BCP, KP and RT

Water pumps and air compressors
In water pumps and air compressors it is important to keep a constant pressure and a continuous flow. To ensure this Danfoss offers a range of switches for :  

  • Monitoring and direct start/stop of single or three phase motors – type RT, MBC, CS, CAS and KP/KPI
  • Dry run protection of pumps – type KP/KPI and RT

Hydraulic equipment and windmills
Danfoss switches are intended for flawless alarm indication, shut down, control and diagnostics in a variety of demanding applications :

  • Cooling and lubrication systems for generators and gearboxes – type MBC, KPS, KPI, KP, CAS and RT
  • Hydraulic units such as disk brakes and pitch cylinders – type MBC, KPS and RT
  • Power packs – type MBC and KP

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