Danfoss Pressure Sensors and Liquid Level

Danfoss MBS 1900 Pressure Transmitter for Air and Water Applications 

Danfoss Pressure Sensors and Liquid Level


Danfoss is engineering tomorrow, building a better future.

Danfoss is an engineering company that provides many kinds of engineering products, such as; pressure sensors, switches, transmitter, valves, pumps, radiator, differential pressure, and many more. Danfoss employs more than 28,000 people and serves customers in more than 100 countries. They are proud of our strong growth, high profitability and massive investments in innovation and digitalization. Danfoss is a family-owned company with a strong sense of philanthropy and social responsibility. They have more than 500 people worldwide who are focused on every area of procurement.

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Pressure Sensors

Liquid Level

  • Danfoss LLS 4000 Liquid level switch : The LLS 4000/4000U liquid level switch is designed to detect the state (gas or liquid) of the refrigerant in front of the sensing head, while installed in a wide range of refrigeration applications.

Reference : danfoss.com