DTA 9468 Digital Tank Level Display Hengesbach

The DTA 9648 tank content display was designed for all applications in the tank content measurement area and is, in

particular, used for volume measurements with liquid media in tanks of various shapes.  The volume calculations are based on measuring the hydrostatic pressure when the density of the medium is known. The filling level is calculated and displayed by using the tank geometry - the formula for the most common tank shapes are internally stored and can be called up - or a sampling point table than is created by volumetric calibration.

The device provides the option of connecting an additional level sensor. When a specific level has been reached, the
display is corrected to the value that corresponds to the filling height in the tank in which the level sensor is installed.
Programming is performed at the membrane keyboard in front. The alarm outputs can be programmed as min. or max. functions. The switching states are indicated by LEDs.


  • suitable for measuring the content of tanks, in particular pressure tanks, by determining a pressure difference
  • 2 inputs 0/4...20 ma or 0/2...10 v dc for pressure transmitter
  • 1 input for automatic filling level correction
  • volume or mass display (weight)
  • 6 standard as well as any special tank shapes select able
  • max. 4 alarm outputs, change-over relay or transistor
  • protection type in front ip 65
  • adjustment in pressure-free state possible


Design data

HousingControl panel installation housing DIN 96 x 48 mm, material PA6-GF; UL94V-0
DimensionsFront 96 x 48 mm, installation depth 100 mm
ConnectionSpring-loaded clamps, 2 mm² single wire, 1 mm² fine wire, AWG 14
Type of protectionFront IP 65, clamps IP 20, contact protected according to BGV A2
Weightmax. 390 g


DisplayLED red; 14.2 mm
Display scopeDigits 999999 with suppression of leading zeroes
Additional displayLED 2 digits, red, 7 mm (display for parameter and switching state)

Electrical connection

Auxiliary voltage230 V AC +/- 10 %; 115 V AC +/- 10 %; 24 V AC +/- 10 %; 24 V DC +/- 15 %
Power inputmax. 3.5 VA, with analog output 5 VA
Operation temperature-10...+ 55 °C
Rated voltage250 V AC according to VDE 0110 between input/output/auxiliary voltage,
 Degree of Pollution 2, Over voltage Category III
Test voltage4 KV between input/output/auxiliary voltage
CE conformityComplies with the standards EN 55022, EN 60555, IEC 10004-3/4/5/11/13


Current inputs0/4...20 mA; Ri = 10 Ω with overload 2 times; 4 times for max. 5 s
Voltage inputs0/2...10 V DC; Ri = 100 KΩ with overload max. 100 V
Basic accuracy< 0,1 % +/- 2 digits
Temperature coefficient0.004 % / K
Transmitter supplyUo approx. 24 V, Ri approx. 150 Ω, max. 50 mA ( 25 mA at 4 relay outputs)


RelayChange-over contact < 250 V AC < 250 VA < 2A, < 300 V DC < 50 W < 2 A
Transistormax. 35 V AC / DC / 100 mA, with electronic current limiting
Analog output0/4...20 mA working resistance </= 500 Ω; 0/2...10 V working resistance > 500 Ω,
 galvanic isolated,
 Output switches automatically (load-dependent)
Accuracy0.1%; TK 0.01 %/K

Download Data Sheet: DTA 9468 Digital Tank Level Display

Ref: Hengesbach.com