Extended Reach Oil Skimming Systems, Oil skimmers

Extended Reach Oil Skimming Systems

One challenge our customers face is how to locate the oil skimmer over the water when it is impossible or undesirable to locate the system near the water’s edge. Previously, a costly walkway or platform was required; however, this issue was eliminated with Extended Reach Oil Removal Systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc.

With Extended Reach Systems, the oil skimmer is mounted at the appropriate height to allow recovered oil to gravity drain to a collection vessel. These systems place the skimmer out, over the water, and the skimmer can be swung back to shore for safe, convenient servicing or maintenance.

Cantilever Mounted Oil Removal Systems come complete with:

  • Oil Skimmer with Safety Cover
  • 6 or 8-Foot Cantilevered Boom
  • Oil Collection Spout with Skimmer Mount
  • 1, 4, 5, or 6-foot Mast
  • Oil/Water Decanter
  • Cover for Decanter
  • Basic Control Panel (Skimmer Motor ON/OFF)

Available with the following options:

  • Hi-Flow Oil Discharge Package (for thick oil or grease)
  • Skimmer Heat (120V or 240V Heat Rod)
  • Spout Heat (120V or 240V Heat Pad)
  • Decanter Heat (120V or 240V Heat Rod)
  • Heat Tracing and Insulation of entire system
  • Insulated Weather & Wind Jacket
  • *Epoxy Coating (Skimmer only or entire system)
  • Ceramic Lined Tube Guards
  • *Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control skimmer speed
  • Explosion Proof motor and controller
  • Control panel additions (Timer, Heat Control, Level Switches, etc.)

*Model 7V comes standard with Epoxy coating and Variable Frequency Drive.

Where a reach of 1 to 7 feet is needed, the cantilever mounted system is recommended.

By locating a mast near the edge of the basin or sump, the skimmer will be located out, over the water, and positioned high enough to allow for gravity discharge (the supporting boom serves as the discharge pipe). The entire boom swivels back to the shore for convenient and safe servicing.

The entire system can be pre-wired, heat traced and insulated for winter installations. The system is available in standard 6-foot and 8-foot lengths but can be easily modified for shorter lengths.