GPE 21550 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Edge Guide Sensor

 GPE comes with over 70 years of engineering know-how and innovative design experience. Combining the latest advances in High-Tech research and development with years of field-proven experience, you are assured of a top-quality, reliable, and durable system capable of withstanding even the harshest of environments. This is a standard established for all of the equipment sold within the L&J Technologies family of products. Every product is designed and manufactured to last.

Modern process lines contain hundreds of feet of strip moving at high line speeds through narrow roll faces to be wound on enormous coils. Only the most accurate, automatic guiding system can protect such a mill against the product damage and process downtime caused when the strip runs off the rolls. Built for long life under the toughest possible working conditions, they’re backed up by a large service organization. GPE benefits from years of unparalleled strip guide leadership. Their continued top performance is assured by the broadest, deepest knowledge of strip guiding experience anywhere in the world.

GPE 21550 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Edge Guide Sensor

The Model 21550 DYNAGUIDE Sensor detects edge position pneumatically and transmits this information to a DYNAGUIDE pneumatic-hydraulic controller which uses this information to determine the rate of correction required to maintain the edge at the desired reference position. Recovery pressure is proportional to the material position.

The sensor features an integral purge orifice (patented) that prevents clogging of the recovery orifice. Referring to the sensor schematic, some of the air supply passes through a passage that connects to the recovery pressure port. The purge orifice in this passage restricts the airflow to allow only air at a low pressure to enter the recovery port.

This pressure keeps the recovery port at a pressure slightly above atmospheric; thus dust, lint, or other clogging type material does not enter the recovery port. This integral purge does not affect control as the positive pressure in the recovery port is less than the minimum recovery pressure required to actuate the pneumatic-hydraulic controller for full speed corrective action to move the web out of the sensor or the sensor away from the web as required by the process.

Gap Adjustment

Each nozzle has two 1/2-13 cap screws for adjustment. Set gap as narrow as possible to accommodate conditions of the line. Maximum gap is 4 inches.

Air Supply

See General Instructions for air supply requirements to provide an air supply pressure when the gap has been determined to obtain up to a maximum 4 inches water column recovery pressure at the web guide controllers diaphragm.

When this pressure is obtained, cover 1/2 of the recovery port, then only if necessary, reset control point spring of the controller to cause the work cylinder piston to become stationary away from stroke end position


  • Edge Guide Sensor
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Non-Clogging Design
  • Integral Air Purge


  • Input: 6 to 28 in. w.c. (regulated)
  • Output: 0 to 4 in. w.c. (variable)
  • Accuracy: + 0.015 inches*
  • Sensitivity: Full correction speed with 0.005 inches lateral displacement of a pneumatically impermeable material*
  • Material of Construction: Cast Aluminum
  • Finish: Gray
  • Throat: 0 to 4 in. adjustable gap; 5 in. depth
  • Orifice: 0.578 inches
  • Temperature Range: +10oF to +240oF

Download Datasheet: GPE 21550 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Edge Guide Sensor


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