Hach DR900 Colorimeter

 Do you test numerous colorimetric parameters in harsh, demanding environments?

The DR900 portable colorimeter allows for quick and easy access to your most frequently used testing methods in less than four clicks. This colorimeter is waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant, and has been drop tested for greater quality assurance.

Hach DR900 Colorimeter

Which features are most valuable to you in a portable colorimeter?
This instrument comes with an intuitive user interface, large data storage, and a built-in USB port for the easy transfer of information. The portable colorimeter also helps satisfy core testing needs by offering at least 90 of the most common testing parameters. Combining all these features with a push button backlit display for use in low light areas, you have a portable colorimeter which is field-ready and makes testing in harsh field environments a little less challenging.

The hand-held DR 900 allows quick and easy access to your most-used testing methods. This colorimeter is waterproof, dustproof and field durable. With an intuitive user interface, easy data transfer abilities, and the ability to test up to 90 of the most commonly tested water methods, the DR 900 makes water testing in harsh field environments a little less challenging.

  • Your Favorites at Your Fingertips
    Save time by storing your most standard methods for quick access in less than 4 clicks.
  • Field Ready in Every Way Possible
    This hand-held, rugged colorimeter is waterproof and dustproof. Drop tested and shock resistant for greater quality assurance.
  • Intuitive User Interface
    Improved user interface allows quick selections and easier testing.
  • Simple Data Communication
    Stores data for up to 500 tests, and comes with a USB port for easily downloading or transferring information.
  • Satisfies Your Core Testing Needs
    A single handheld instrument provides access to 90 of the most common parameters.


  • Source Lamp : Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Wavelength Range : 420 nm, 520 nm, 560 nm, 610 nm
  • Wavelength Selection : Automatic
  • Operating Mode : Transmittance (%), Absorbance and Concentration
  • Sample Cell Compatibility : 1 inch round or 16 mm round (with adapter)
  • Data Logger : 500 measured values (Result, Date, Time, Sample ID, User ID)
  • Enclosure Rating : IP67 (vial cover closed)
  • Battery Requirements : 4, AA size alkali cells
  • Battery Life : 6 months (typical) @ 5 readings a day / 5 days / week without backlight**
    ** Backlight usage will decrease battery life.
  • Display : Graphical display 240 x 160 pixel (Backlit)
  • User Interface Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish
  • Interface : USB type Mini IP67
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 9.1 in x 3.8 in x 1.9 in (231 mm x 96 mm x 48 mm)
  • Weight : 1.32 lbs. (0.6 kg) with battery
  • Includes : DR 900 Colorimeter, two 1-inch glass sample cells marked at 10, 20 and 25 mL, two 1 cm plastic sample cells, 1 x 16-mm COD/Test 'N Tube™ adapter, 4 AA alkaline batteries, printed multilingual instrument manual, instrument and procedure manuals on CD, USB Mini to USB Cable, European CE mark.
    *Subject to change without notice

Download Datasheet : Hach DR900 Colorimeter

Reference : sea.hach.com