Hengesbach Depth-Measuring Sensor Type TPS-T

Hengesbach is a company from Deutschland. For more than 50 years Hengesbach develops, manufactures and distributes innovative measuring technology for applications in production processes where functionality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments are of highest priority even under extreme process conditions.

Depth-Measuring Sensor Type TPS-T

Typical applications of the piezo-resistive depth-measuring sensor of the type TPS-T are the continuous measuring of filling levels in wells, drill-holes, waste-water systems, standing water bodies and containers that cannot be fitted with a measuring transducer that is flush with the wall of the container. The 4-20mA output signal is proportional to the filling level or pressure and is also available with a 4-wire temperature output.


  • for hydro static filling level and depth measurements in wells, drill-holes, containers, waste-water systems, etc.
  • pressure ranges from 0 ... 0.25 bar to 0 ... 25 bar
  • output signal 4...20 mA
  • compact and robust construction
  • optionally with temperature output


Device type / measuring principledepth-measuring sensor of the type TPS-T / piezo-resistive
Applicationshydrostatic filling and level measurements in liquids


Measuring rangessee order information 
Overload limit3 times the maximum measuring value; max. 40 bar overload safety
Bursting pressure> 4 times the maximum measuring value; max. 50 bar


Output signal4…20 mA, 2-wire  
Working resistance<(UB-10V)/0.02A (Ω)
Influence of working resistance< 0.1% of filling level

Measuring accuracy

Linearity< 0.5% of filling level 
Setting time< 10ms  
Thermal hysteresisZero point and measuring range of 0...50°C

Auxiliary energy

Power supply10...30V DC ripple: the voltage peaks may not exceed or fall short of the values given for the 
 power supply  
Influence of power supply< 0.01%/V of maximum value (nominal power supply 24V DC)

Conditions for use

Permissible operating temperature0...50°C  
Environmental temperature influence at 0...50°Czero point:< 0.02%/1K typically < 0.04%/1K max.
 measuring range:< 0.02%/1K typically, < 0.04%/1K max.
 zero point:< 0.04%/1K typically, < 0.06%/1K max. for measuring range 250/400 mbar
 measuring range:< 0.03%/1K typically, < 0.05%/1K max. for a measuring range of 250/400

Design configuration

Electrical connection6-wire sheathed polyethylene cable with internal air equalisation hose, length as required, 
 minimum bending radius 120 mm (fixed installation), for use up to 100m without an additional
 cable grip  
Parts in contact with the mediumstainless steel material No.: 1.4435 (316L)
 FPM, polyolefin, polyethylene
Protection type EN 60529IP68 (up to 40 bar)  


 pressure equalisation casing with ventilation filter *
 cable reel *  

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Ref: Hengesbach.com