Hengstler Safety Relays Type 463


Hengstler Safety Relays Type 463
Safety Relays Type 463[/caption]

To ensure that our relays as used in your applications carry on doing their job reliably for years, the quality of products bearing the HENGSTLER name is the highest priority. All our locations are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and the entire product range is, as you would expect, in conformity with RoHS and REACH regulations.

For decades, HENGSTLER has been intensively involved in matters relating to forcibly guided, or captive, contacts and, as a result, with safety relays. Our large, international customer base benefits from this experienced gathered over many years when it comes to developing and manufacturing relays with forcibly guided contacts. HENGSTLER's H-463 safety relay is used wherever a high number of switching actions is required at moderate switching loads. H-463 safety relays conform to EN 50205 standard, Application type A, and IEC EN 61810-1.


  • 4 contacts
  • 6 A switching & permanent current
  • Drive is monostable as DC
  • Ambient temperature -25 to +80 °C
  • With forcibly guided contacts to EN 50205, application type A
  • CSA and TÜV approval


Function / ApplicationSafety relay
Product lineHENGSTLER
Relay family463
Contact setforcibly guided
According EN 50205Application type A
Ambient temperature [°C]-25 ... +80 °C
Soldering heat resistance [°C]260 °C
Max. soldering time [s]5 s
Pins pre-soldered withSn 100
StandardsEN 50205
 IEC 61810-1
Meets the requirementsRoHS
Drive systemDC monostable
Nominal coil voltage [V]5 ... 220 V
Coil resistance [Ohm]12 ... 50,000 Ohm
Contact materialAgCdO + 0,2 ... 5 µm Au
 AgSnO + 0,2 ... 5 µm Au
Max. switching current [A]6:00 AM
Max. switching voltage [V]230/240 V
Max. switching capacity [VA]1200 VA
Switching capacity AC-15 at 230 V [Ie in A]1,5 A
Switching capacity DC-13 at 24 V [Ie in A]2:00 AM
Electrical service life (with nominal load)100,000 cycles
Short-circuit capacity 1000 A / AC 230 V [A]6:00 AM
InsulationBasic insulation
Number of NO contacts2 ... 3
Number of NC contacts1 ... 2
Number of CO contacts0
Dimensions L x W x H [mm]dustproof: 42,7 x 16,0 x 38,8 mm
 washtight: 42,7 x 16,0 x 39,9 mm
Housingdustproof (RT II)
 washtight (RT III)
Shock resistance NO / NC [g]15/15 g
Puls duration (half sinus)11 ms
Vibration resistance NO / NC [g]1,5/1,5 g
Frequency range [Hz]10 - 150 Hz
Operating time NC contact, contact opens [ms]10 ms
Operating time NO contact, contact closes [ms]14 ms
Releasing time NO contact, contact opens [ms]3,5 ms
Releasing time NC contact, contact closes [ms]4,5 ms
Mechanical service life (without load)10,000,000 switching cycles
Connection typeSolder pins for pcb
Weight [g]50 g

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