Hengstler Totalizing Counter Type 864-868

Hengstler Totalizing Counter Type 864-868
Totalizing Counter Type 864-868[/caption]

Whether you use electronic, electromechanical, mechanical or pneumatic counters, the devices available have been designed to meet your requirements. Our range extends from mini-counters through to sophisticated, programmable control counters, multifunction counters, position displays, displays, tachometers and timers. Totalizing counters tend to be used to register the number of events and display the result as a digital numerical value. The key characteristics of this versatile range of products, as you would expect from any HENGSTLER product, are state-of-the-art technology, appealing design, quality and reliability. Examples of typical applications: Production counting, recording flow volumes.

Type 864-868 is a compact individual unit available with 4, 6, or 8-digit display. The device is available without a reset, or with a manual or electric reset option. The electro-mechanical totalizing counter stands out because of its user-friendly design.


  • Display is 6 or 8-digit
  • Reset is manual or without the reset option
  • Simple installation
  • Various sizes of front panels

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Product Family864-868
FunctionTotalizing counter
Digit Height [mm]4 mm (0.2 in)
Voltage24 VDC
 24, 115, 230 VAC
Resetmanual reset
 key reset
 without reset
Duty Cycle at 25 °C100%
Power ConsumptionDC: 2.5 W
 AC: 2.75 VA
Pulse Length min.DC: 20 ms
 AC: 50 ms
Supply Voltage24 VDC
 24, 115, 230 VAC
Count Frequency [Hz]DC: 25 Hz
 AC: 10 Hz
Count Inputadding
Pulse Duty Factor Count Impulsecounter 1:1
Maintenance-Free operationcounter 2 x 10? pulses
IP Protection ClassIP 40
Operating Temperature [°C]- 10 ...°C + 50 °C (+ 14 ... 122 °F)
Storage Temperature [°C]- 20 ...°C + 70 °C (+ 14 ... 122 °F)
Degree of Protectionfront IP 40
 connections IP 00
General DesignEN 61 010-1 / IEC 61010-1
Vibration Resistance50 m/s2 (164 ft/s2) acc. IEC 068-2-6
Shock Resistance600 m/s2 (1969 ft/s2) (6 ms) acc.IEC 068-2-27
Protection ClassII, EN 61010-1 / IEC 61010-1
Contamination LevelV 2
 EN 50178
Size [mm]56x40x70
Mounting OptionsFront panel installation
Mountingfront panel installation
Resetmanual reset
 key reset
 without reset
Weight [g]approx. 90 g (3.2 oz)
Mounting Positionhorizontal rolling axis

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