High Frequency Level Sensors RFLS-28, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement

High Frequency Level Sensors RFLS-28, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement

The RFLS-28 high-frequency level sensor is intended for industrial use for limit level sensing of liquid and pastes
media. It is designed for vertical mounting in the tank or using a tubular extender (see the technical datasheet for
accessories) or a bracket. It can directly replace vibrating level sensors, or capacitive level sensors in more demanding applications. Media can be electrically conductive as well as non-conductive. The sensor can be installed in metal or plastic tanks, filling tanks, sumps, etc.

The sensor is also suitable for detecting levels of both viscous and electrically conductive media (yogurt, jams, mayonnaise, spreads, liquid soaps, creams, and pastes). After setting the sensitivity to a specific medium, the sensor reliably reacts to the presence or absence of a medium level. The sensor does not react to residues and deposits of viscous media on the measuring electrode.

The sensor can also be used to distinguish a specific medium from others – using the "Medium window" function.
E.g. the sensor can distinguish oil from water and air, can detect only beer foam and ignore beer and air, etc.


  • High-frequency limit level sensors with the elimination of deposits and foam on the electrode for vertical mounting
  • For reliable limit sensing of the level of various liquids, slurries and pastes as well as adhering
  • Unique material type resolution function "Medium window" (the sensor is sensitive only to the set medium and does not react to substances with lower and higher permittivity)
  • Can replace vibration level sensors
  • Universal design for all types of liquids (electrically conductive or non-conductive)
  • High stability at high sensitivity (can be used for substances with εr ≥ 1.5)
  • Installation using tubular extensions
  • Adjustment with a magnetic pen before installation

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Supply voltage 7 ... 34 V DC
Current consumptionmax. 5 mA DC
Output typePNP (open collector)
Status indication2x LED (orange, green)
Max. switching current (PNP output) 300 mA
Residual voltage in the closed state max. 1.5 V
Protection classIP 68
CablePVC 3 x 0.5 mm2
Weight (without cable) approx. 0.15 kg
Setup techniquemagnetic pen MP-8
Electrode coatingPEEK
The relative permittivity of a medium εr ≥ 1.5

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Ref: Dinel.cz