Hirschmann SPIDER III Premium Line

SPIDER III Premium Line

SPIDER III Premium Line

The Hirschmann SPIDER III Premium Line allows you to quickly and easily configure basic switching parameters through the device’s USB interface and the Switch Programming Tool software – available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

As an unmanaged switch, the SPIDER III Premium’s plug-and-play nature makes installation easy and gets your networks up and running faster. For networks with unique needs, the switch can also be customized for any use case. Through the USB interface, you can also turn off unused ports to better secure the network and enable or disable the transmission of large data packets (jumbo frames) to increase network efficiency.

SPIDER III Premium Line switches not only offer the cost benefits that come with an unmanaged switch, but they also have the flexibility and ruggedness to support any industrial environment. With up to 26 available ports, you can select the port types that meet your application needs, including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and fiber optic ports. The ruggedized IP40 metal enclosure also protects the switches against harsh environments.

The switches are designed to regulate energy depending on network traffic through the Energy Efficient Ethernet standard. This low-power feature uses less energy when there is no data moving through the network, which ultimately saves you money.

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  • Flexible customization from 2 up to 26 ports
  • Deploys in harsh environments, including temperature ranges from -40 ˚C to +70 °C
  • Installs quickly through a plug-in terminal block – no tools needed
  • USB port configuration interface for greater customization of functions, including support of jumbo frames and support of Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize network traffic
  • Suitable for use at the field level or in smaller networks, where switch management is not needed
  • Saves energy and costs during low-traffic periods with the low power feature
  • Enhanced network security by disabling unused ports
  • Fulfills PROFINET Conformance Class A requirements to set up PROFINET networks
  • Certified for multiple industry standards and approvals


  • Easy to customize – configure some switching parameters via a USB port by utilizing an easy-to-use, free software tool
  • Highly ruggedized – built to withstand extreme industrial environments, including a wide range of temperatures, through an IP40 metal case and an optional protective coating
  • Expanded industrial certifications – approved for use in a variety of industrial markets

Download Datasheet: Hirschmann SPIDER III Premium Line 

Reference: hirschmann.com