INTERTEC Shades SD 22, SD 40, SD 50, SD 100, SD 150


INTERTEC Shades SD 22, SD 40, SD 50, SD 100, SD 150

Material: hot-pressed, glass fibre reinforced polyester
Colour: similar to RAL 7032 light grey, UV-resistant
Low flammability and self-extinguishing


 GO antistatic to avoid electrostatic charges according to EN IEC 60079-0


Simple shielding of enclosures, instruments and fittings providing protection against:
• Sun light (overheating)
• Dirt accumulation
• Exposure to atmospheric conditions
• Mechanical damage


• Easy access to the transmitter, also allowing good lateral access.
• Various mounting possibilities, especially for the protection of transmitters, are available, as for example direct mounting of the SD22 at the transmitter head or mounting to the pipe stand or steel construction (see Datasheet: sample application and Mounting material KD287)

• Heat-insulating material preventing the heat generated by solar radiation to be transferred.

• SD 22: structured surface improves UV- resistance.

• Stackable for space-saving transport and storage due to tapered side walls.

Types , Dimensions, Fastening

Type              W x D x H (mm)                        Fastening
SD 22            210 x 365 x 111                        1x RS 21*
or MB-SD
SD 40            410 x 320x 170                         1x RS 21*
or MB-SD
SD 50           570 x 570 x 175                         2x RS 50*
SD 100         630 x 570 x 175                         2x RS 100*
SD 150         690 x 570 x 175                         2x RS 150*
SD 150Q      990 x 570 x 175                         2x RS 150 Q*

*in case of wall mounting 4 bolts M10 are required (not supplied with the shade)


Shades SD 22, SD 40, SD 50, SD 100, SD 150

KD183-9en Shades SD 22, SD 40, SD 50, SD 100, SD 150 Page 2/3
1. Transmitter below Shade SD 22
Rosemount transmitter
3051... or Endress and
Hauser F12/T12 mounted
SD 22 is mounted directly
on the transmitter housing.

A large variety of Intertec-attachment brackets are available for        the various types of  transmitters designed by internationally
renowned manufacturers.

MESC Box with manifold and Rosemount- trans-
mitter 3051 S mounted underneath SHADE
SD 22 and attached to a 2”
pipe stand by means of a
mounting system.

Weather-sensitive instruments and fittings can be installed directly below the shade by means of a fastening set

2. Transmitter below Shade SD 40

3. Enclosure below 150 Sensitive electric equipment or electronic

devices are installed in instrument enclosures and  protected from
the effects of the sun by the shade.

Shade Type                Suitable  for enclosure

SD 50                         MULTIBOX 25 and 48
SD 100                       MULTIBOX 60, 70, 100,
MULTIBOX 25 u. 48 horizontally mounted
SD 150                       MULTIBOX 80, 150, und 170
MULTIBOX 60,70 u. 100 horizontally mounted
SD 150 Q                  MULTIBOX 80, 150, 170 horizontally mounted

The shade can be mounted behind the pipe stand. or the shade can be installed between the enclosure and the pipe stand Advantage here: adjustable in height