Kaidi Conveyor Belt Safety

 Established in 2008, Guangdong KAIDI, is dedicated in providing complete customized solutions for a wide range of industrial automation process applications – in material level, liquid flow, pressure and temperature. We are constantly developing and innovating, our core vision - “to provide solutions that exceed customers' expectations.”In 2012, the company successfully expanded its operations both locally and internationally, achieving global success and recognition for quality products and services.

With emphasis placed on customer satisfaction, innovation, product development and overall business transformation, the company continued to innovate and expand with each passing year. KAIDI has successfully achieved global recognition, obtaining the leading position as Asia's top process automation sensor manufacturer. These were implemented successfully, and KAIDI products can be used in many different industries such as food & beverage, water, energy, pharmaceutical etc. In the past 5 years, the company has undergone tremendous growth and development – flourishing internationally and providing customers worldwide with the best customized solutions for process automation.

The company's management recognizes that it is important to not just be satisfied with its current level of success, but to continuously seek improvement. Change, customer satisfaction and profit-sharing are the main principles driving our employees in developing technology that result in new, improved and ecological products to sustain our environment for all people. KAIDI will continue to strive to be the leading brand in the Process Automation market.

Conveyor Belt Safety

Some very special features of KAIDI safety switches enhance the safety levels for conveyor systems & operating personnel & fully conform to the End User’s safety requirements.When the technical specifications are silent on the same, the focus goes to acquiring switches at the lowest possible price at the cost of safety aspect of plant & personnel.

Conveyor Controls include safety stop switches, pull cords, belt sway switch, belt misalignment switch, damaged belt detectors or belt rip detectors, bucket elevator alignment controls, bulk material flow controls, and a system status indicator.

Reference : kaidi86.com

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