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Kobold DRS Turbine Wheel Flow Meter/Monitor

KOBOLD model DRS flowmeters are used for measuring and monitoring liquids. Due to its compact construction the mini turbine is suitable for use with machines with minimum available space.

Application Examples
Beverage industry, devices for use in automatic beverage retail systems, washing machines, vehicles, farm equipment, developing machines in the photographic and printed-circuit board industries.

Working Principle
The flowmeter operates on the turbine wheel principle. The liquid first flows through a laminar flow element to eliminate turbulence and to route the flow stream to the turbine wheel. The turbine wheel then starts to rotate. This rotary motion is sensed non-contacting by magnets embedded in the turbine wheel and converted to a frequency signal. The frequency is proportional to the flow velocity.

Frequency divider, analogue output or compact electronics with LED display and limit contacts are available as options. An integrated temperature sensor for simultaneous measuring of flow rate and temperature are available as an additional option. The vane is sapphire-supported: this ensures a high degree of linearity and long service life.

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Model Summary

DRS-0...K000, DRS-0...S000

  • OEM version (without CE mark)
  • direct output from Hall-sensor signal
  • for DRS-K000 no optional temperature sensor available
  • DRS-0...S000 up to 150°C medium temperature


  • Pulse output


  • Pulse output with adapted frequency
  • Factor 0.25...2


  • Analogue output 0(4)-20 mA / 3-wire


  • With compact electronics, 3-digit LED display, limit contacts, no optional temperature sensor available


  • With compact electronics
  • 3-digit LED display, limit contact, analogue output
  • no optional temperature sensor available


Technical Details

  • Measuring range: 2-40 l/min water
  • Sensor pulse output:
    384 Hz at 40 l/min
    metal sensor (DRS-150; DRS-250)
    352 Hz at 40 l/min
    plastic sensor (DRS-350)
  • Max. operating pressure:
    200 bar (DRS-150; DRS-250)
    16 bar (DRS-350)
  • Temperature:
    -20...+80°C (medium)
    -20...+100°C (bearing)
    -20...+150°C (medium with DRS-...S)
  • Measuring accuracy:
    ±1,5% of full scale
    ±5% of full scale (DRS-...K0000)
  • Linearity: ±0,5% of full scale
  • Repeatability: ±0,1% of full scale
  • Electrical connection:
    plug connector M12x1
    1,5 m cable (DRS-0 only)
    2 m cable (DRS-...F5 only)
    1,5 m silicone cable (DRS-...S)
  • Protection: IP 65 (plug connector), IP 66 (cable)

Download Datasheet: Kobold DRS Turbine Wheel Flow Meter/Monitor

Reference : kobold.com

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