Kobold FPS Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor

The KOBOLD flow monitor FPS operates according to the proven paddle bellows principle. The flowing medium acts on the paddle thus actuating a microswitch. Switching point can be freely adjusted and the device mated to different nominal pipe sizes by means of the replaceable paddle in conjunction with the additional adjustment features. The electrical device section is separated hermetically from the process fluid by means of a bellows. The special version of the flow monitor has been specially designed for minimum switching values. See table for switching values. The devices can be installed in any position.

Switching range: 0.17- 0.85 m³/h ... 72.6 - 165.7 m³/h water
G 1 male thread for DN25 ... 200 or G ½ and G ¾
Material: brass, stainless steel
pmax: 11 bar (brass), 30 bar (stainless steel)
tmax: 120°C

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  • Monitoring cooling circuits, lubricant circuits
  • Dry running protection for pumps
  • Prevention of low water levels


Technical Details

  • Brass design: MS 58, bellows of bronze, paddle of st. steel 1.4401
  • T-piece: steel zinc-plated
  • Stainless steel design: stainless steel 1.4541, paddle of st. steel 1.4401
  • Max. medium temperature: -40...+120°C
  • Max. ambient temperaturer: -35...+65°C
  • Max. allowed pressure: brass 11 bar, stainless steel 30 bar
  • Max. pressure loss: approx. 0.01...0.03 bar
  • Inlet and outlet pipe section: 5 times nominal pipe size

Electrical Details
Dust-proof microswitch as single-pole changeover contact

  • Switching voltage: max. 24-250 VAC
  • Switching current:
    max. 8 A (inductive load)
    max. 15 A (resistive load)
  • Electr. connection: cable gland
  • Case: base part ABS, cover PC (transparent)
  • Protection type: IP65

Electrical connection

  • RED-WHITE opens with reduction in flow
  • RED-BLUE closes with reduction in flow

Download Datasheet: Kobold FPS Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor

Reference : kobold.com