Model: KSK/KSM/VKN, Heinrichs-Variable area-flow meter plastic measuring tube

KOBOLD plastic flow meters and switches model KSK are based on the well known suspended float principle. They are used for measuring and monitoring flows in closed pipes.

The media flows, from below, through aconcial plastic measuring tube. This raises the flow rate can be read off against the scale. The instruments can be fitted with bi-stable switches.

The use of high-quality material PVDF means that this type is very suited for service with corrosive media.


Flow metering and monitoring of liquid or gaseous products in vertically installed pipelines.
The current flow rate in volume or mass per unit in time is shown

Special features

  • Simple, robust and user-friendly design
  • Material: PVC transparent
  • Impact and shatterproof
  • High chemical resistance
  • Adjustable limit switches


Limit switches KER1 and KER2-bistable.

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Technical Data:

Water: 20 °C, min: 5-60l/h, max:5.000-50.000 l/h
Air:20 °C, 1,013 bar abs., min: 0,4-2,3 Nm³/h, max:165-1420 Nm³/h
Direct reading flow scale
Accuracy class:± 2% of the upper range value
Metering of liquid products with suitable viscosity, free of solids, not clog, and do not tend to form deposits.
Gases with linear flow characteristics and adequate inlet pressure.
Medium temperature: 
0°C up to +80°C (depends on temperature and material, details see relevant datasheet)
Fluid conditions: 
Nominal pressure:16 bar max. (depends on temperature and material, details see relevant datasheet)
All pressure data refer to liquids without danger potential and proper and stress-free installation of the equipment.

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