MPM4810, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter for High-Temperature Up To 125℃

MPM4810, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter for High-Temperature Up To 125℃

       MPM4810, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter for High-Temperature Up To 125℃[/caption]

MPM4810 is a high-temperature level transmitter with high accuracy. It uses a qualified high-temperature pressure sensor as the pressure sensing element and thermal sensor for temperature measurement. It adopts a high-temperature special signal processing circuit for digital temperature compensation and non-linearity correction. The digital circuit processes the sensor signal into a standard output signal by the linear relationship between liquid level/ temperature and output signal. With full welded stainless steel construction, MPM4810 is able to measure level and temperature measurement of liquids up to 125   ℃ which compatible with SS material for a long time. It is mainly used for level and temperature measurement in hot spring and under-ground hot water


  • Fully welded stainless steel construction for the submersible part; submersible measurement;
  • Sensor and amplifier circuit are fully welded in stainless steel housing; Protection IP68;
  • The submersible transmitter is able to measure the level and temperature of liquids up to 125 ℃ which is compatible with SS material in a long time, and output 2 standard analog signals at the same time;
  • Digital temperature compensation and non-linearity correction techniques;
  • The water-proof connection box is suggested for electric connection, it can be installed in a place easy for wiring;
  • The cap on the transmitter probe is removable; prevent the diaphragm from damaging, easy for regular cleaning


RangeLevel: 0m~5m…200m H2O Temperature: 0℃ ~125℃
Overpressure1.5 times FS
Pressure TypeAbsolute



Level:±0.5%FS (including non- linearity,repeatability and hysteresis);


Power Supply10V~30V DC
Output Signal4mA~20mA DC
Operation Temp.0℃ ~125℃



0℃ ~125℃
Storage Temp.-40℃ ~130℃
Zero Thermal Drift±0.02%FS/℃
FS thermal Drift±0.02%FS/℃
Long Term Stability±0.35%FS/Year


  1. Please be sure the measured media shall be compatible with contacting material; please pay attention to media density in the measurement;
  2. If the product is installed in the “lightning and thunder” area, please note “lightning-proof” in the order. We suggest choosing the Lightning-proof Protection Device to protect the transmitter. Please be sure good grounding as well to prevent the transmitter from damaging;
  3. If the user has a special requirement, please feel free to contact our

Download Datasheet: MPM4810, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter for High-Temperature Up To 125℃