Multifunction graphical unit MGU–800, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement




The MGU–800 is a sophisticated multichannel unit that allows simultaneous measurement, visualization, and control of numerous channels. This device can operate autonomously or with cooperation with external measurement devices and actuators.

MGU–800 is designed as a modular device consisting of a base and optional input and output modules.
The MGU–800 displays all data and dialogue on a legible, 320x240 pixels, color TFT screen. Full control of the device is realized using the built-in touch-panel which makes operating easy and intuitive. All measurement and output modules are optional and can be installed inside the device according to the customer's needs.


  • For display, recording, and evaluation of process instruments signals (level, temperature, pressure, etc.)
  • 3.5" TFT display, multi-language menu
  • Variety of possible configurations for I/O module
  • Measured data recordable into the internal memory (1,5 GB)
  • Extensive ways of data communication
  • The possibility of evaluating and processing of the measured data on PC

Voltage and current input modules

Number of inputs4x U + 4x I8x U + 8x I16x I
Hardware measurement rangesVoltage input-2 ... 13 V-2 ... 13 V
Current input-2 ... 30 mA-2 ... 30 mA-2 ... 30 mA
Hardware resolutionVoltage input1 mV1 mV
Current input1 μA1 μA1 μA
Permissible long time overload20%20%20%
Software measurement ranges0 ... 5 V0 ... 5 V0 ... 20 mA
1 ... 5 V1 ... 5 V
0 ... 10 V0 ... 10 V
2 ... 10 V2 ... 10 V4 ... 20 mA
0 ... 20 mA0 ... 20 mA
4 ... 20 mA4 ... 20 mA
Internal impedanceVoltage input100 kΩ100 kΩ
Current inputTyp. 100 ΩTyp. 100 ΩTyp. 100 Ω
ProtectionVoltage inputNoNo
Current input50 mA50 mA50 mA


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Power supply voltage (depending on the version)230 V AC or 24 V AC/DC
Power consumption Typically15 VA
External Fuse (required)T – type, Max. 2 A
Display3.5" TFT color graphic display with LED backlight
Display resolution320 x 240 pixels
Sensor power supply output24 V DC (Max. 0.2 A)
Data storage1.5 GB, up to 250M samples, min interval 0.1 seconds
Protection class
front panel - standardIP 40
front panel with transparent doorsIP 54
housing and connection terminalsIP 20
Housing materialNORYL – GFN2S E1
Dimensions96 x 96 x 100 mm
Mounting hole 90.5 x 90.5 mm
Panel thicknessMax. 5 mm
Ambient temperature range 0 ... +50 °C
Storage temperature -10 ... +70 °C
Humidity5 ... 90% No condensation
AltitudeUp to 2000 meters above sea level
Max. conductor size2.5 mm2
Weight340 g (only base Fig. 3)

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