Pressure Transmitter TPS - Smalline Hengesbach

Thanks to their design, the flush-mounted TPS pressure transmitters are suitable for pressure and level measurements with little dead space, even with crystallizing or viscous media. The devices in stainless steel housings are available in protection class IP 65 and can optionally be encapsulated. The electrical connection is made via a cable socket or alternatively via an M12 connector.

High-temperature versions in continuous operation up to 200 ° C are available. Vacuum resistance is given. The compact standard housing is made of stainless steel. Corresponding weld-in sleeves and application-specific process connections are available.

In addition to flush versions for sanitary and general industrial applications, versions with a pressure gauge connection and attached diaphragm seals are also available. The devices of the TPS series are suitable for many applications in the industrial sector due to the wide range of connection options.


  • with internal and external measuring cell
  • ideal for broadband industrial applications for process printing
  • Measuring ranges from 0.35 bar to 30 bar, for relative and absolute pressure measurements
  • Use of food and pharmaceutical compliant materials
  • optional for high medium temperatures up to 200 ° C


General Information

Manufacturer/ DeviceHengesbach / Pressure Transmitter TPS   
Measuring Principle/ Device TypeTPS piezoresistive, For Pressure and Level Measurement   


Measuring Range TPS  
Normal Size (bar)RelativeISNAbsoluteISN 
 0,35 bar10,35 bar1
 1 bar31 bar3
 2,5 bar82,5 bar8
 5 bar155 bar15
 10 bar3010 bar30
 30 bar9030 bar90
Setting Range zero± 10% (FS)  
(Via Potentiometer)span± 20% (FS)  
Overload Protection-1 bar und 3-facher Messendwert, höhere ÜSI auf Anfrage   
Burst Pressure 10 times the full scale value depending on the device type and nominal measuring range   


Output Signal4…20 mA, 2 wire Load:   VB - 12 V 
   0,02 mA 
Influence of the river£ ± 0,15% max   
Current Limitation25 mA typ., 32 mA max.   
Integration Time0 ... 20 sec. 0 ... 20 sec. 

Measurement Accuracy

Reference ConditionDIN  IEC 60770   
Linearity incl. Hysteresis and Repeatability and n.d Limit Point Method DIN IEC 770≤ = 0,3% of the value of the nominal measuring. In the case of small absolute pressure measuring ranges, specifications for linearity are particularly necessary   
Warm-up time1 sec.   
Response Time (without damping)320 ms (mains frequency 50 Hz selected) or 266 ms (mains frequency 60 Hz selected)   
Long Term Drift£ 1% v. EW   
Repeatability£ 0,05 % v. EW   
Hysteresis£ 0,1% v. EW   
Thermal HysteresisZero Point and measuring span in the compensated temperature range 0…80°C.   
 ≤ ± 0,2% of EW / 10 K for nominal measuring range from 4 bar   
 ≤ ± 0,3% of EW / 10 K for nominal measuring range 0,6 bar   
Nominal Position> 1 bar any   

Auxiliary Power 

Supply Voltage13-36 VDC, max. permissible residul ripple 1 V …   
Supply Voltage Influence≤ ± 0,03%. Supply Voltage Change   

Condition Of Use

Medium Temperature-35°C... + 125°C, 140°C max. für 1 h (Type HT für Temperaturen bis 200°C)   
Ambient Temperature-35°C... +85°C  
Storage Temperature -35°C... +-35°C... +  
Protection class acc. EN 60529- IP 65 (with connector according to EN 175301-803 up to A)   
 - IP 67 (with permanently attached reference cable)   
Electromagnetic compatibilityEMC guidelines according to EN 50081-2 / 50082-2 are fulfilled, CE mark   

Constructive structure

DesignStandard housing   
materialStandard housing made of 1.4301   
 Process connections made of 1.4404   
Electrical connectionStandard: connector acc. EN 175301-803 type A   
 - optional: permanently connected reference cable, length 1m   
 - optional: circular connector M12 x 1   
Process connectionssee dimensional drawings and ordering information-  
Filling liquidSilicone oil (food safe) AK100   


 Declaration of conformity on request