Pulsar Flow Pulse PC Software

From here, users can see at a glance the flow rate in units of their choice, the application can be monitored in terms of signal strength and confidence, and the raw signal can be seen. The RS232 Modbus connection allows the Flow Pulse to be set up through an intuitive and straightforward set of parameters, while realtime flow information can be read and recorded.

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Flow Pulse is simplicity itself to set up. All that is required once Flow Pulse is in position and powered is
to provide the internal diameter. The rest of the setup process is all about options and the way that the
information is presented and recorded, especially if multi-drop Modbus RTU is in use.

‘Signal Strength’ (see screen shot opposite) is a measurement of the total strength of the returning
echoes from the interior of the pipe. ‘Confidence’ is, as the term suggests, a measurement of how sure Flow Pulse is of the measurement and is an indication of the consistency of the flow rate. Confidence will increase the longer flow continues.

Flow Pulse PC is free-issued with Flow Pulse and requires no further licensing or equipment to run, other than an RS232 cable (available from Pulsar if required).

Download Datasheet: Pulsar Flow Pulse PC Software

Reference : pulsar-pm.com