Quad-4 Hall Effect Sensor

AW Lake is a corporate from United States of America that sell some product such as Positive Displacement Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Tricor Coriolis Flow Meter, Lake Variable Area Flow Meter, Lake Paddle Wheel Flow Meter "Flow Stat", Monitor&Controllers, Flow Sensor& Pickups. One of the product that comes from the categories of Flow Sensor&Pickups is Quad-4 Hall Effect Sensor.

Quad-4 Hall Effect Sensor

The Quad-4 Hall Effect Pickup is a microprocessor-based sensors for use with the JV-80/-90KL series of positive displacement flow meters. The Quad-4 sensor can detect both uni- and bi-directional flow. The sensors’ mode of operation is determined by an output selection switch located inside the housing. The Quad-4 detects the rotation of the flow meter gears and emits a frequency signal proportional to flow. The output signal is a square wave pulse which has a duty cycle of approximately 50%. Quad-4 signal outputs are protected with a self-resetting fuse. This fuse has a 50mA nominal trip point.

When a trip occurs, turn off power to the sensor and remove output load to reset fuse. The sensor has two different output configurations: sinking output when jumpers JP1 & JP2 are removed and sourcing when jumpers JP1 & JP2 are shorting pins. The Quad-4 sensor circuit board is equipped with a red and green LED. The red LED is a status LED which, when the sensor is operating properly, will flash once every 4 seconds, a fast flash will indicate a failure of one or more of the pick-ups. The green LED indicates the pulse of the input signal. Note that signals above 20Hz will look as solid green.


  • Meter Compatibility: Used with JV-80 and -90KL meters only
  • Output Signal: Square wave pulse with a duty cycle of approx. 50%
  • Output: Quad-4 Sourcing Output 1X, 2X, 4X resolution 90° phase shift
  • Flexible: Detects both uni- and bi-directional flow
  • Status Indicator: LED light indicates status


Supply Voltage: +10 to 28 Volt DC

Supply Current: 75 mA @ 24 VDC

Duty Signal: 50% ± 15%

Minimum Signal: 0.5 Hz

Maximum Signal: 1,000 Hz

Frequency Output: Flow dependent, up to 2,000 Hz

Driving Capacity: 50 mA Max resistive load

Output Impedance: ~ 40 Ohm - analog switch and self-resetting fuse

Temperature Range: -40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)

Download Data Sheet: Quad-4 Hall Effect Sensor

Ref: delta-mobrey.com
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