Rexroth VPV Series hydraulic Vane Pump 3000 PSI/210 Bar

Rexroth VPV Series hydraulic Vane Pump 3000 PSI/210 Bar

VPV Series Vane pumps are designed to meet the requirements of the machine tool, general machinery, and other markets where low noise, high performance and competitive pricing are needed. The design of the VPV series of vane pumps utilizes 30 years of field and manufacturing experience from the current Rexroth vane pump line. State-of-the-art technologies and materials were utilized while retaining the superior features of the existing designs. Additional goals were to create a pump with the international market in mind and to incorporate the extremely high quality standards the Rexroth name has come to exemplify.


  • LOW COST - Competitively priced with other manufacturers of vane pumps and economy axial piston pumps.
  • EXCEPTIONALLY QUIET - Helps machinery builders meet government and purchased sound level requirements.
  • CONTINUOUS DUTY RATING - @ 3,000 PSI - High performance and long life design for 10,000 plus hours.
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT FAST RESPONSE & RECOVERY - Exceptional reaction time for critical system demands.
  • PRESSURE COMPENSATED - Controls pump delivery to circuit demand thereby conserving energy.
  • HIGH STRENGTH - Computer optimized casting design.
  • HYDRODYNAMIC JOURNAL BEARINGS - Provides long life and quiet operation.
  • NO PREFILL REQUIREMENTS - Pump case prefill not required for initial start-ups.
  • REPAIRABLE - Repair kits and parts available from local distribution centers or the factory.
  • CONTROL OPTIONS - Single stage; two-stage, remote control; solenoid multi-pressure, and load sensing.
  • SHOCK CLIPPER - Reduces shock pressure by up to 50% increasing system component life and system stability.Must be plumbed on VPV 16, 25, & 32. The shock clipper is integrated into VPV 45, 63, 80, 100, 130, & 164 anddrains to the case drain.


GeneralVPV 16VPV 25VPV 32lVPV 45VPV 63VPV 80VPV 100VPV 130VPV 164
Displacement (Nominal)1 in³/rev (16 cm³/rev)1.5 in³/rev (25 cm3rev2 in³/rev (32 cm³/rev)2.75 in³/rev (45 cm³/rev)3.84 in³/rev (63 cm3rev)4.88 in³/rev (80 cm³/rev)6.1 in³/rev (100 cm³/rev7.9 in³/rev (130 cm3rev)10.0 in³/rev (164 cm³/rev)
Displacement (Actual)1.06 in³/rev (17.37 cm³/rev)1.66 in³/rev (27.20 cm³/rev)2.05 in³/rev (33.59 cm³/rev)2.98 in³/rev (48.83 cm³/rev)4.03 in³/rev (66.04 cm3rev)5.06 in³/rev (82.92 cm³/rev)6.49 in³/rev (106.35 cm³/rev)8.25 in³/rev (135.19 cm3rev)10.33 in³/rev (169.28 cm³/rev
Flow at 1750 RPM7.57 GPM (28.6 L/min)1.36 GPM (43.0 L/min.15 GPM (57.3 L/min)20.83 GPM (72.84 L/min29.10 GPM (110.1 L/min6.97 GPM (139.9 L/min)45.4 GPM (171.8 L/min9.85 GPM (226.5 L/min5.76 GPM (286.7 L/min)
Maximum continuous pressure3000 psi (210 bar)
Pressure compensating rangeSingle stage200-3000 psi (14-210 bar) Minimum pressure of 190 PSI-
Two stage300-3000 psi (20-210 bar) Minimum pressure of 290 PSI350-3000 psi (24-210 bar) Minimum pressure of 300 PSI
Maximum transient spike pressure3800 psi (260 bar)4000 psi (280 bar)
Maximum case pressure10 psi (0.7 bar)
Speed range1150-1800 RPM
Direction of rotation (viewed from shaft end)Right hand (clockwise)
Case drain flow while compestating @1800 RPM1000 psi (70 bar)6 GPM (2.3 L/min)0.6 GPM (2.3 L/min)1.5 GPM (5.7 L/min)1.4 GPM (5.3 L/min)1.4 GPM (5.3 L/min)1.5 GPM (5.7 L/min)1.6 GPM (6.0 L/min)1.7 GPM (6.4 L/min)
2000 psi (140 bar)9 GPM (3.4 L/min)1.1 GPM (4.2 L/min)1.9 GPM (7.2 L/min1.8 GPM (6.8 L/min)1.8 GPM (6.8 L/min)2.0 GPM (7.6 L/min)2.2 GPM (8.3 L/min)2.3 GPM (8.7 L/min)
3000 psi (210 ba6 GPM (4.8 L/min1.4 GPM (5.3 L/min)2.5 GPM (9.5 L/min)2.4 GPM (9.1 L/min)2.3 GPM (8.7 L/min)2.5 GPM (9.5 L/min)3.0 GPM (11.3 L/min)3.1 GPM (11.7 L/min)
Maximum inlet vacuum at sea level6 in. HG (152 mm HG)
Mounting3– SAE 2-bolt flange (ISO 3019/1)S.A.E. ‘A’ 2-bolt flangeS.A.E. ‘B’ 2-bolt flangeS.A.E. ‘C’ 2-Bolt flangeS.A.E. ‘D’, 2-bolt flange
Mounting PositionUnrestricted
Port sizesInlet#16 S.A.E.#24 S.A.E2” S.A.E.2 1/2” S.A.E.
Outlet#12 S.A.E.#16 S.A.E1 1/4” S.A.E. flange1 1/2” S.A.E.
Case drain#8 S.A.E.#8 S.A.E.
Clipper control drain (optional)#6 S.A.E.-
Remote control (optional)#4 S.A.E.#4 S.A.E.
DrivePump to be connected to prime mover by means of a flexible coupling that is alignedto a maximum of 0.006” (.152mm) total indicator reading. No overhung or side loadspermitted. Alignments greater than 0.006” indicator reading could cause increasednoise and vibration as well as premature shaft seal wear resulting in leakage.
Fluid recommendationsA premium quality hydraulic oil with anti-wear additives is recommended, but notrequired. Refer to publication 9 535 233 456 “Petroleum Hydraulic Fluids” for a listof fluids which meet or exceed the necessary lubrication requirements. Consult fac-tory for use with water base fire resistant fluids
Fluid viscosity at operating temperatureMinimum100 SUS (21 cSt)150 SUS (32 cSt)
Maximum1000 SUS (216 cSt)
Optimum150-250 SUS (32-54 cSt)200-300 SUS (43-65 cSt)
Maximum start-up4000 SUS (864 cSt)
Fluid temperatureNormal inlet fluid temperature should not exceed 140°F (60° C). Always select a fluidfor optimum viscosity at operating temperature. Consult factory for applications assis-tance when inlet fluid temperatures over 140° F (60° C) are expected.
SealsFluorocarbon Standard
FiltrationFluid cleanliness per ISO/DIS 4406 should be 18/15 or better for pressures of 2000 psi orless. For continuous operating pressures of 2000 to 3000 psi, fluid cleanliness should be17/14 or better.
Response time (circuit dependent)Full flow to minimum flow20-35 ms20-40 ms20-50 ms
Recovery time (circuit dependent)Minimum flowto full flow50-135 ms – single stage compensator70-185 ms – single stage compensator100-200 ms – two stage compensator180-280 ms – two stage compensator
WeightSingle stage34 lbs. (16.5 kg)61 lbs. (28 kg)120 lbs. (55 kg)240 lbs. (109 kg)
Two stage38 lbs. (17.3 kg65 lbs. (28.5 kg)128 lbs. (58 kg)248 lbs. (112.7 kg)