Sepha Deblistering Products

 Since Sepha ltd started in 1980, we have established a global reputation for innovation and development of specialised, high quality equipment for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical blister packs, medical devices and healthcare products.

We provide innovative, non-destructive leak testing solutions, lab scale packaging solutions and deblistering machines for recovery of high value product.

Sepha has recently invested in a new facility dedicated to contract packaging, deblistering and leak detection. We have a dedicated team of engineers, technicians and lab staff who are specialists in their field. We are able to offer the following services:

  • Contract blister pack and sachet packaging of tablets, capsules and powders.
  • High speed deblistering of tablets and capsules, using our range of automated deblistering equipment.
  • Non-destructive leak detection and inspection of blister packs, sachets, pouches and medical devices.


Deblistering could help you reduce your cost. Blister packs can be rejected for several reasons including empty pockets, incorrect product, incorrect batch coding, leak test failure and inventory changes. When valuable tablets or capsules need to be recovered it is essential minimal pressure is used during deblistering to extract the product to ensure foil pieces do not detach from the blisters and product damage is prevented.

Sepha has developed a comprehensive range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual deblistering machines that offer speed, efficiency and safety in the recovery of valuable product from all types of rejected blister packs including push-through, child-resistant and peelable blisters.

Find out more about our PressOut range and see what system best suit your requirements to minimize your cost in handling rejected blister packs.

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