Sepha PressOut Semi-Automatic Deblistering


Sepha PressOut Semi-Automatic Deblistering
PressOut Semi-Automatic[/caption]


PressOut Semi-Automatic is a tool-less, portable, semi-automatic deblistering machine for recovering tablets and capsules from push-through blister packs. The PressOut Semi-Automatic is a small deblistering machine, developed for small batches of blister packs. It feeds individual blister packs through a set of rollers, driven by an electrical motor. Tablets and capsules are pushed out of the blister pack by the rollers and separated from the packaging. The machine offers a deblistering rate of up to 30 packs per minute and has a single set of adjustable tooling enabling a fast set up within 1 – 2 minutes.



  • Portable & flexible - can be adjusted quickly to suit any push-through blister pack
  • Fully cGMP compliant and easily cleaned
  • Handles thermoform/alu as well as coldform/alu blisters
  • Easy to use - no specialist skills needed
  • Product recovered cleanly and hygienically
  • Ideal for small batches
  • Affordable


Flexible solution

  • PressOut Semi-Automatic is perfect for operations which need flexibility for lots of different blister push-through formats.
  • The patented mechanism is adjustable for many different push-though blister formats.
  • There is no need to purchase a different set of change parts for every different blister pack.

Prevent product damage

  • The patented roller and guide system gently eases product out of the pocket so that minimal pressure is exerted on the tablets.
  • The neoprene rollers come in different grades of hardness so that softer guide rollers can be used for more fragile products.

Prevent foil contamination

  • Foil remains attached to the waste blister pack during emptying
  • Waste blisters and recovered product are collected separately

Reduce injury

  • Operators who deblister manually often suffer blisters on their fingers, Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Using a machine to deblister:
    1. Improves Health & Safety by protecting staff from injury
    2. Improves morale because staff no longer need to do such a mundane job by hand.

Portable deblistering wherever you need it!

  • This machine is light enough to be lifted and moved from bench to bench.
  • Does not need to be connected to an air supply.

More hygienic than manual emptying

  • Constructed in stainless steel and designed to cGMP standards for easy cleaning.
  • Recovered product does not need to be handled by operators.


Technical Specifications

  • Blister Type : Push-Through
  • Blisters Layout : In-line and offset/diagonal layout (pack dependent)
  • Maximum Pack Size : Width: 170mm / Length: Unlimited
  • Operating Speed : Up to 30 blisters per minute
  • Machine Operation : Semi-automatic
  • Machine Construction : All product contact areas are constructed from stainless steel (Grade 316) and ABS Food Grade.
  • Tooling Changeover : Approx 3 minutes
  • Utilities : Single phase electricity 110/230V
  • Machine Dimensions : 360mm (L) x 355mm (W) x 240mm (H)
  • Machine Weight : 18kg
  • Shipping Weight : 20kg
  • Warranty : Supplied with a 12-month warranty. (Extended warranties are available for additional support).

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