Skim 1st Tanks, Oil Skimmers-Oil Water Separator

Skim 1st Tanks


  • Allow oil and water the proper time to separate in order to recover the oil
  • Determine the most efficient method to remove oil from the surface of wastewater prior to further treatment or discharge
  • Address varying flow rates of wastewater for maximum efficiency of treatment or ultrafiltration

Oil/water separation, oil skimming, and wastewater flow regulation issues seem to call for different, independent solutions. But there is an all-in-one solution - the Skim 1st Tank.

The Skim 1st Tank is designed to:

  • Accommodate batches of oily water
  • Allow oil and water time to separate into two layers
  • Continuously remove the oil with an integrated oil skimmer
  • Regulate the flow rate of water for additional treatment or discharge

A Skim 1st Tank is the perfect solution for:

  • Applications where there is oil meeting water, but no existing tank, sump, or pit where an oil skimmer can be implemented
  • Processes requiring a settling tank to separate oil and other contaminants from wastewater or process water
  • Wastewater treatment systems like evaporators and ultrafiltration, designed to accommodate specific, steady flow rates, but your process produces wastewater in batches or at varying intervals

The Skim 1st Tank can be customized to your specific application with the addition of these optional features:

  • Control panel with stainless steel or explosion proof enclosure
  • Level switch to detect tank levels, trigger skimmer operation, activate pumps, and/or alarm lights
  • Oil sensing technology to trigger desired action
  • Teflon™ or epoxy coatings
  • Oil collection reservoir to contain recovered oil
  • Heat tracing and insulation for cold temperature environments
  • Overflow and spill containment

The Skim 1st Tank features a Brill®  tube-type oil skimmer to either remove oil continuously, or when signaled by an optional level switch, or oil sensor.

The floating collector tube attracts oil from the surface of the liquid and is drawn into the skimmer where it passes through a series of scrapers. As the scrapers remove the oil, it drains into a collection vessel, or an optional decanter to ensure no water is recovered with the oil. The clean tube returns to the tank to pick up more oil.

Oil Skimmers, Inc. tube-type skimmers need no regular maintenance and they have been operating in the harshest industrial environments for decades. Whether the tank solution pH is very high or low, the skimmer will last.