TC Fluid Control Magnetic Level Gauges

 TC Fluid Control was established in 2003 having been part of the UK business of Trouvay & Cauvin based in Le Havre France.

The Instrumentation Division was originally established in the UK as Richard Klinger Ltd in 1933. In December 1999 Trouvay & Cauvin Ltd acquired the Instrumentation Division which was based in Sidcup.  In 2002 the UK Management Team bought out the UK side of the company.

In 2003 the Company was renamed to TC Fluid Control to give focus for it to develop in the liquid level instrumentation field.

We continue to this day growing and developing our product range to meet the demands of an ever changing market.

In 2013 TC Fluid Control became part of WIKA Instruments Limited.

Magnetic Level Gauges

A Magnetic Level Gauge is a type of level sensor, used to measure the level of fluids. At TC Fluid Control, we have a wide range of Magnetic Level Gauges which are used throughout the world within a vast range of industries. Our Magnetic Level Gauges are particularly suited to applications where hazardous liquids of gases are in use. All of these instruments are made to order and our engineers will provide expert guidance on the design and manufacture of the Magnetic Level Gauges for specific applications.

TC Fluid Control Magnetic Level Gauges provide immediate and accurate response to level changes, giving clear and sharp legibility over the full range of the liquid level. Local and remote display, point switching facilities are available. Robust, shockproof and completely sealed for safety, Magnetic Level Gauges are particularly suited for dangerous or toxic fluids. TC Fluid’s Magnetic Level Gauges are also ideal for liquid interface applications with a powerful omni-directional magnet system contained within a non-pressured float design.

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