Toshiba Lithium battery


  • Thionyl Chloride Lithium Battery (ER series) uses highly active thionyl chloride (SOCl2) for the positive electrode reactant. and lithium for the negative electrode reactant. The voltage is the highest among lithium primary batteries at 3.6V, and the electric energy in AA size 7000mWh, realizing high energy.
  • Self-discharge is minimized by using highly pure materials. The battery can be used in a wide range of temperatures (-55ºC to +85ºC) and is highly reliable, as fluid leakage is not a concern due to the use of Laser Weld Sealing for the complete enclosure.
    The product is especially suited for long term use, such as memory backup power supply, and as the power for electricity/gas/water meters.
  • Our Thionyl Chloride Lithium Battery is a UL (safety standard) certified part. and its safety and reliability have been proven

Rated Value

Model No.ER3VER4VER6VER17330VER17500V
Nominal Voltage3.6
Nominal Capacity (mAh)*¹10001200200017002700
Dimensions (mm)*²[caption id="attachment_48735" align="alignnone" width="390"]Dimension Toshiba Lithium Dimension Toshiba Lithium[/caption]
A: 28.0
B: ø14.5
A: 33.0
B: ø14.5
B: ø14.5
A: 33.0
B: ø17.0
A: 50.0
B: ø17.0
Maximum Discharge Current (mA)
Weight (g) *³8.510161319.
Usable Temperature Range-55ºC to +85ºC

*1 : Nominal capacity is figured out of the duration until the voltage drops down to 2.5V when discharged at a Maximum Discharge Current at 20ºC.
*2 : Data and Dimension are reference levels.
*3: The above weight information is limited to the battery itself. The actual product weight depends on the final specification.


  • High Voltage
    The voltage is the highest among lithium primary batteries at 3.6 V, and one unit take the place of 2 to 3 batteries which were needed in the past.
  • High Energy Density
    A high energy density of approximately 1000mWh/cm³ is realized by the use of a special carbon cathode body in addition to a highly active positive electrode reactant (thionyl chloride).
  • Excellent Discharge Characteristics
    The battery is designed for small changes in internal resistance during discharge. delivering stable operational voltage even with the progressing depth of discharge.
  • Wide Range of Operating Temperature
    Unlike batteries of the past. the battery can be used in a wide range of temperatures (-55ºC to +85ºC).
  • Long Term Reliability
    The battery is highly reliable in the long term due to a structural design that allows very small self-discharge and due to the adoption of Laser Sealing which enclosures completely.

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