Acadiana Oldfield Instruments Mud Pump Pressure Indicator Systems

 Acadiana Oilfield Instruments is committed to providing total customer satisfaction by manufacturing and delivering high-quality products and unparalleled service.

With a broad line of instrumentation products and a dedicated staff of over 30 employees, the company was proving to be very successful. In 2005, SCF Partners approached Acadiana Oilfield Instruments with a proposition to purchase the fast-growing company. SCF acquired the company, and Acadiana Oilfield Instruments became part of Forum Oilfield Technology family, in the drilling division. Travis stayed employed with Forum as the General Manager of the instrumentation product line working for another 9 years before departing after 2015. Shortly thereafter, he elected to start up Acadiana Oilfield Instruments.

Acadiana Oilfield Instruments is located in Broussard Louisiana, and once again proving to be a fast-growing company, employing hardworking, dedicated, knowledgeable employees, all of whom have 20+ years’ experience in the instrumentation industry. Acadiana’s gauges and sensors are manufactured in house in the USA and are certified to NIST calibration standards. All applicable and critical products are manufactured in accordance with or surpassing API 6A standards, containing all design certifications, proof testing, and FEA’s (Finite Element Analysis).

Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge

Offering a 4 to 1 resolution for indicating the smallest pressure changes, Acadiana Oilfield Instruments' compound pointer pressure gauge system precisely measure and indicate pump pressures for several different operations including, acidizing oil pay, down-hole cementing and high-pressure hydraulic fracturing. This gauge system is comprised of a gauge protector, a 6" liquid filled pressure gauge, and a high-pressure hose.

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  • Standard capacities include:
    • 4,000, 8,000, 12,000, and 16,000 PSI
    • 400, 800, 1,200 kg/cm2
    • 40, 80, and 120 MPa
  • 50 ft standard hose (other lengths available)
  • Durable gauge protector (152-17) mounts with a 2" NPT sub
  • 1.0% accuracy rate at full indication
  • Box mount or panel mount capabilities
  • Temperature operation range of -50°F to +150°F (-45°C to + 65°C)


  • Fluid-filled gauge protects readings from rig or truck vibrations
  • Measurements can be recorded by electronic remote strip recorders or hydraulic circular recorders
  • Has added accuracy of the vernier pointer (4:1)
  • Vernier pointer can measure the smallest pressure changes due to formation breakdown, fractures, and perforation plugs
  • Adjustable controls by the operator creates a steady pointer movement
  • Easily mountable: driller's console, on the mud pump, or in a weight indicator box

Single Pointer Pressure Gauge

Used to help expose mud pump operation complications, Acadiana Oilfield Instruments' gauge is very versatile and can be mounted on the mud pump, in the driller's console, or in a weight indicator box.


  • Standard capacities include:
    • 3,000, 5,000, 6,000, 10,000 and 15,000 PSI
    • 210, 350, 420, 700, and 1000 KG/CM2
    • (Also available in kPA, MPa, and BAR capacities)
  • 50 ft standard hose (other lengths available)
  • Durable gauge protector (517-152) mounts with a 2" NPT sub
  • Easy mounting to accommodate the best location needed
  • Pointer sensitivity regulated by the high-pressure damper stem
  • (1:1 Piston Separator is used when hose lengths exceed 50')
  • Available in standard or H2S service


  • Fluid-filled dial 6" face is easily readable
  • Includes an operator adjustable high-pressure damper which provides for accurate readings
  • Can handle any environment with protection provided by the fluid inside the gauge
  • Small pressure changes are indicated with the full 360° dial calibration
  • Easily mountable: driller's console, on the mud pump, or in a weight indicator box


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