Amflow® PR7B-HP Back Pressure Regulator

 A&H Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1989.  As an engineering company, A&H Enterprises has been involved in the development of more than thirty industrial products, specializing in the innovative design and development of flow control devices, ranging from actuators, back pressure regulators, filters, and flow control valves.

A&H Enterprises has patented Amflow® Technology which provides state-of-the-art flow control utilizing a simple mechanical design.  This technology is widely used in the oil industry and is well suited for automated control where precise control of very high pressure is required.
A&H Enterprises has also developed a wide variety of devices for use in fire and safety systems.  These products were developed by A&H Enterprises to meet specific requirements.
A&H Enterprises’ strategic decision-making process is fast, unrestricted, and in-house. The Directors’ policy of reinvesting profit into the company has resulted in great financial stability and flexibility.
In 2000, A&H Enterprises moved to new facilities to expand the operations which give easy access to both international seaports and airports, as well as increasing its service capabilities.

The PR7B-HP Back Pressure Regulator has similar operating characteristics as the PR7B but is designed to operate at much higher pressures.  The PR7B-HP is rated for pressure ranges up to 827-bar (12,000 PSI).

Like Amflow® Flow Control Valves, the actuation force required to adjust the setpoint is very low, thus is suitable for automated chemical injection systems. It may be configured with any Amflow®  Electronic Valve Actuator.

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  • Operating Torque
    Owing to the design of the Amflow® PR7B-HP Back Pressure Regulator, the operating torque requirements are very low throughout the operating range, thus making it suitable for automated applications. The Amflow® PR7B-HP Back Pressure Regulator can be configured with an Amflow® A2 Atex certified electronic valve actuator.
  • Control Outlet Orifices
    The control orifice is a ceramic pin and seat design that can withstand very high pressure drops with minimal wear.

Specifications | Design Features

  • Low Maintenance
  • Variable Rate Spring Stack
  • Minimum panel thickness: 2mm (0.08”)
  • Mounting hole diameter: 35mm (1.38”)
  • The orifice is a ceramic pin and seat design that allows a very high-pressure drop with minimal wear.
  • Environmentally Sealed

Mechanical Features

  • Construction:  316L Stainless Steel
  • Components:  Ceramic for high-pressure control
  • Inlet & Outlet Ports:  SF375CX  (use with 3/8" tube)
  • Seals:  FFKM & PTFE
  • Seat sizes available:  0.75mm, 1.00mm, 1.50mm, 2.00mm and 3.0mm
  • Weight: 4.08 kg (9 lbs)

Operating Environment

  • Operating Temperature: -15oC to 200oC  (5oF to 392oF)
  • ATEX 2 G Ex d T3


  • Certification of material type and condition, and all post-process, including anodizing, heat treatment, plating, and all chemical processes, will be maintained on file with A & H Enterprises, Inc. for a period of not less than five years.
Flow RateThree Flow Rate Options:
a.  0- 100 LPH
b.  0- 500 LPH
c.  0-1000 LPH
Operating Pressure*OPTION 1
7-bar up to 345-bar
(100 PSI) up to (5,000 PSI)
345-bar up to 620-bar
(5,000 PSI) up to 9,000 PSI)
Operating Pressure*OPTION 3
620-bar up to 827-bar
(9,000 PSI) up to (12,000 PSI)
Hydrostatic Pressure Test1240-bar (18,000 PSI)

Download Datasheet: Amflow® PR7B-HP Back Pressure Regulator


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