Bamo Magnetic Level Controller MNR 7/4074

Magnetic Level Controller MNR 7/4074


Magnetic Level Controller MNR 7 / 4074 has a magnetic equipment, a guiding stem with built-in Reed contact, fitting and head housing. Magnetic equipment includes 2 fixed magnets and between a float with a built-in magnet. Magnets are all covered by PTFE, non-porous quality. Magnetic equipment is designed to keep the float close to lower magnet in atmosphere or gas fluids. Fixed magnets allow floating action even with fluids of low specific weight. As the liquid is rising and lifting the float, the mobile magnet switches the Reed contact. Reverse operation is when liquid level is lowering.


MNR 7/4074 has to be mounted like any passive 2 poles device, free of potential, connected to safe zone through a intrinsically safe switching amplifier in conformity with protection class EEx ia IIC or EEx ib IIC, for use as category 1 (zone 0).


  • For fluids with S.G. > 0.4
  • Limits: 100 bar / 120 °C
  • Construction: AISI 316 Ti / PTFE
  • Fittings: 1”1/4 G or 2” G
  • ATEX II 1/2 G - EEx ib IIC T4 (zone 0)


MNR 7 / 4074 is a sensor for acquiring liquid fill-levels which are subject to category 1 (zone 0) conditions. Detection of liquefied gases, level controller for liquids such as fuels, hydrocarbons fluids, water, refrigerating oils, chemicals. Fluid viscosity must be < 100 cSt . Liquids must be free of solids or/and magnetic particles; they may not become resinous or sticky, or to crystallise.

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Materials wetted parts:1.4571 stainless steel (316 Ti, special PTFE
Terminal housing:PP, IP 65 according EN 60 529
Process interface / Type 03:G 1¼" ; height is 118 mm below sealing surface
Process interface / Type SPS2100:G 2" ; height is 265.5 mm below sealing surface
Minimum medium density:0.4 g/cm3
Limits of temperature / Fluid:-20 to +120 °C
Limits of temperature / Ambient:-20 to +60 °C
Pressure limit:100 bar
Trigger point / Type 03:Approximately 60 mm below sealing surface
Trigger point / Type SPS2100:Approximately 195 mm below sealing surface
Contact:1 reed contact, 10 VA, mono-stable N.O.

Download Data Sheet: Magnetic Level Controller MNR 7/4074