Bamo Plastic Flow Indicator IDP

Bamo Measures Sas has been founded in 1978. Its capital is now 400 000 Euros. Since the beginning, the company has undergone a rapid development centring on industrial pH-meters and conductivity meters. Bamo is now well-known as a leader on the French market.

Since 1990, new developments in the Level Measure have given a new spring in the export. To its own production range, the company holds numerous agencies of foreign companies in Europe and all over the world. So we are offering a complete line with always the best possible service.

Bamo is a company that comes from France. This company selling some product. The product of Bamo such as pH and ORP; Chlorine, disinfection; Data processors; Conductivity; Water hardness; Turbidity; Oxygen; Level; Temperature; Flow; Pressure; Plastic valves; Metal valves.

Plastic Flow Indicator IDP

IDP or PDP indicators use the principle of variable area flow-meter: the fluid flow raises a diver in a conical tube, expanding the cross section of the passage of fluid. The diver moves up proportionally to the flow-rate. Standard equipment includes a graduated scale in l/h of water at 20 °C. In options there are specific scales; Air in Nm3/h (1 to 9 bar ABS); HCl at 30 / 33 %; NaOH at 30 % and at 50 %. See the data sheet 730-06 With magnetic diver versions, the Z60 transmission ruler converts the diver position into a 4-20 mA signal. See the data-sheet 730-07

Mounting precautions:

Flow indicators must be installed vertically with rising fluid. It is recommended to have a length upstream of 10 x ND and a length downstream of 5 x DN.


  • Direct reading
  • All wet parts in plastics
  • Measuring tubes: PVC or Polysulfone
  • Ranges: Up to 60 m³/h
  • Specific scales for Air, HCl, NaOH, etc.


  • Adjustable contacts
  • 4-20 mA transmitter


PressureMax. 10 bar at 20 °C
Temperature limits at 1 barPVC: 0 ... +50 °C
 PSU: 0 ... +90 °C (or 60 °C with standard PVC
Graduated scalel/h of water at 20 °C (standard)
MaterialsPVC or Polysulfon
Measuring tubes 
Diver and stoppersPVDF
Diver guide rodPVDF-coated stainless steel (ND 50 and 65)
SealsStandard: EPDM; FPM in option
Fittings:Standard: PVC Unions for solvent welding
 Options: See the table "Fittings"
Contacts Z42 and Z40 
The flow indicator must have a diver with a built-in magnet (PVDF-A) 
Switching powerMax. 10 W / 12 VA; 230 V AC; 0.5 A
OperatingZ42: N.O. without flow
 Z40: N.C. without flow
ProtectionIP 65 - Pluggable terminal block
Ambient temperature0... +55 °C

Download Data Sheet: Plastic Flow Indicator IDP


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