Boiler Water Level Control Delta Mobrey

Mobrey originally entered the industrial boiler control market in 1923 with a range of steam operated equipment. Since that time, the range has expanded to cover most aspects of control associated with the boiler house. The products include a range of electromechanical float controls and associated valves. These reliable products are described in greater detail on the following pages and each carries the quality and service guarantee synonymous with the Mobrey name. Boiler Water Level Controls are designed to regulate the flow of feed water into the boiler in proportion to the steam demand by using the change in boiler level as a load indicator.

Alarm and Pump Control

Mobrey Vertical Air Break Controls are a comprehensive range of magnetically operated water level controls. They are designed to meet all the requirements for automatic on/off control of boiler feed pump, burner cut-out, high and/or low level alarm or any combination of these.

Modulating water level controllers

The Mobrey Controller is a single-element electro-hydraulic control with an electronic feedback. The system consists of a control unit float chamber, a feed-line modulating valve and a control box. It is used for the throttle control with the modulating valve in the boiler feed line.

Sequencing blow-down valves

The Mobrey Sequencing Valve is designed to function as a manually operated combined water isolating valve and sequencing valve. It provides positive purging of the water connection, float chamber and steam connection of a boiler control.


  • Inherently fail safe.
  • Unaffected by foam.
  • Easily adjustable for individual requirements.
  • Chamber mounted or directly mounted on the boiler shell.
  • Complimentary range of feed water control valves & chamber blow down valves.

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Operating Range: Up to 250 mm

Operating Pressure: Up to 32 bar saturated steam

Number of Switches: Up to 6 switches

Approvals: Marine approval by American Bureau of Shipping  Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas/Germanischer Lloyd

Download Data Sheet: Boiler Water Level Control