Camsco Electric 24 Hours Automatic Time Switch TB-35

 CAMSCO ELECTRIC provides a wide selection of time switches to the world. CAMSCO’s automatic timer switches with several advantages, such as direct reading clock type with minute adjust knob to set time precisely to the minute, back up battery for 100 hours when power failure and attractive design.

Brief introductions of Camsco Electric 24 Hours Automatic Time Switch TB-35 :

  • TB-35
  • 24 Hours Automatic Time Switch


  • 15-minute-Interval, 24-Hour Dial with Built-in (Embedded) Time Set Pins
    The embedded time0set pins permit switching on and off in 15 minute intervals (max.96 operations a day) for more precise control of loads.
  • There are 96 pins built into the dial, thus eliminating the danger of misplacement and the need to store or re-order time-set pins.
  • Direct Reading Clock Type with Minute Adjust Knob to Set Time Precisely to Minute
    The time can be set precisely to the minute by simply turning the minute adjust knob. This feature, combined with 15 minute interval operation settings, permits more precise load control.
  • Handy ON/AUTO/OFF select switch
    Allows selection of "MANUAL ON" or "MANUAL OFF" as desired, irrespective of the program. Very convenient for use on a test run or continuous operation for a long period of time.

     Another Article:

  • Improved load capacity
    By the adoption of the highly reliable contact mechanism, the incandescent lamp load has substantially been improved from 3A on the current product (TB33) to 10A to eliminate such cases of trouble as fusing of the contact, etc.
  • Attractive design
    The sense of high quality and precision is expressed with the simple yet very attractive design.
  • Power supply indicator lamp
    The condition of power supply to the time switch cam be seen at a glance by means of the lamp.
  • The thinner case strong steel
    Outer dimensions : 105.5(W) x 150.5(H) x 44(D)mm


  • Model No. : TB-35
  • Movement type : AC type
  • Rated Voltage : 110V AC / 220V AC / 240V AC
  • Voltage Tolerance : 85-120V / 170-240V / 220-260V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz (Selectable)
  • Power Consumption : 1.5W
  • Time precision : Same as AC current frequency
  • Manual ON/OFF : ON/AUTO/OFF switch
  • Ambient Temperature : -10℃ ~ +50℃
  • Resistive Load : 250V AC 15A
  • Lamp Load : 10A
  • Inductive Load : 12A (cosĪ†=0.7 or more)
  • Motor Load : 110V AC 750W, 220V AC 1500W
  • Switch construction : SPST
  • Minimum Setting Unite : 15 minutes units
  • Minimum Setting Interval : 15 minutes
  • No. of ON-OFF Operations : 96 operations
  • Weight : 480g

Operating cautions

  • The precision and life of Time Switch are affected by the environmental conditions. Please do not use it in the following areas :
    - The ambient temperature is below -10 ℃ or over +50℃
    - The humidity is high
    - There is dust or gas
    - There is vibration or shock
    - There is exposure to direct sunlight
  • Turn the knob in the direction (clockwise) indicated by the arrows. It cannot be turned in the opposite direction.
  • When a heater is connected to the load circuit, a thermostat switch must be included.
  • The Time Switch must be grounded when used in the conditions as follows:
    - The input power supply is 220V AC or more.
    - High humidity is expected in the place.

Reference : Camsco Electric 24 Hours Automatic Time Switch TB-35