Cavotec MC 2-3 Radio Remote ControlCavotec MC 2-3 Radio Remote Control

 Cavotec wants to contribute to a future world that is cleaner, safer and more efficient by providing innovative connection solutions for ships, aircraft and mobile equipment today.

For more than 30 years, Cavotec has engineered advanced radio remote control systems in close co-operation with customers worldwide.

MC-2-3 is a safe, easy, and customisable radio remote control made by Cavotec for industrial use.



Robust push-buttons remote control systems for industrial use:

  • MC-2-3: 6 two step push-buttons & 4 selector switches with LED feedback.
  • High-end reliability and safety with “full size safety stop”.
  • High ergonomic with compact sizing, light weight and graphical display.
  • On time operations with a feedback standard function.
  • Provided with the unique MC-IRX base unit.
  • Signal strength and battery life indicator in display.


Cranes (overhead, portal, loading arm, tower, hydraulic), ship davits, forestry winches, recovery vehicles, concrete pumps, A-frames, doors.


Technical characteristics

Terminals MC-2-3/MC-2-5

  • 30 hours continuous safe operation with 2 x AA batteries and battery saving timeout.
  • Safety reinforced by a PIN lock access (optional).
  • Support bag.
  • Automatic radio frequency selection.
  • Light weight and long operating distance for a better operating comfort.

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Receiver Units

  • MC-IRX, with 3 pre-set selectable programs for customised engravings.
  • Safe operations with interlocked push buttons, industrial applications.
  • Flexible system with either automatic or manual frequency changes.
  • Unique signal encoding preventing any unintended operations reinforced by an activity check on start up.
  • Fast stop relay activation (50 mS).
  • Data recovery for operation records with a log of the last 10 operating sessions (providing usage indications and radio signal quality).
  • License free frequency with low power outputs (ISM band within 434.050 MHz- 434.775 MHz).
  • May be used with different MC receiver units.
  • Optional customised programmes.

General data


  • Dimensions : 230 x 74 x 70 mm
  • Weight : 350 g
  • IP : IP66
  • Temperature : - 25°C to +60°C, -13°F to +158° F
  • Operating distance : Approx. 200m
  • Operating time : Up to 30 hours continuous operation with fully charged batteries
  • Battery : 2 AA rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Battery charger : AA charger 100-240 VAC, 12 VDC
  • Radio power:  < 10mW
  • Frequency : Auto/Selectable channel, 433-434 MHz

Approvals & Standards

Cavotec radio remote control systems are used worldwide and as a result comply with a variety of international rules and regulations. All radio remote systems are CE marked according to the highest standards and in compliance with European Machinery Directive, IEC 60204 and ISO 13849.

Download Datasheet : Cavotec MC 2-3 Radio Remote Control

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