CHALWYN is a leading manufacturer of safety products for diesel engines which are required to operate either in hazardous areas where combustible gas, vapors or dust may exist, or in situations demanding special safety precautions.

Chalwyn valve

Following the introduction of the original and very successful CHALWYN D VALVE in 1972, the CHALWYN diesel engine safety product range now includes automatic over speed air and fuel shut off valves, air pressure, oil pressure, manual and electrically operated air intake shut down (shut off) valves, flameproof alternators, exhaust spark arrestors and complete engine monitoring and automatic shut down systems.

Chanlwyn d have a product from :

Air Intake Shut Down Valves

  • Manual
    • MVX Integral Manual Control (CE215)
    • MVX with Remote Stop Control (CE217)
  • Electric
    • SVX Safe Area Energized to Close (CE228)
    • SVX Hazardous Area Energized to Open (CE239)
    • SVX Hazardous Area Manual Override, Energized to Latch Open (CE230)
    • SVX Safe Area Energized to Open (CE240)
    • SVX Safe Area Energized to Close (CE228)
    • SVR-2XX Compact Butterfly Valves
    • SVR-3XX Compact Butterfly Valves
    • XT Butterfly Valve
  • Oil Air Pressure-Auto or Manual Reset
    • MPX Pressure to Close Butterfly Valve (CE236)
    • PVX Pneumatic Spring Return Butterfly (CE218)
    • HVX Pressure to Latch Open Butterfly Valve (CE229)
    • PVA Pneumatically Actuated Butterfly Valve
    • Df
  • Automatic Overspeed
    • D and D-AM Automatic Valve
    • DF / DF-AM (Integral Air / Remote Manual Stop)

  • Automatic Overspeed & Air Pressure
    • TPZ / D-AP / D-AMP Automatic Valve w/ Pressure Override
    • TMZ and D-AMZ

  • Automatic Overspeed & Oil/Air Pressure
    • TMZ and D-AMZ Automatic Valve w/ Loss of Pressure Shutdown & Override

Speed Switches

  • Chalwyn Revguard Speed Switches detect the hazard of an overspeed condition. When engine RPMs exceed the Revguard’s program setpoint, the output is energized, providing the signal to actuate the air intake shutoff valve(s) to shut off your engine.

Fuel Shutoff Valve

  • FSX-200 Air Intake Depression Diesel Fuel Shutoff Valve (CE226)

Electrical Switch Type Sensors

  • PSX-010 Pressure Sensor (CE305)

Spark Arrestors

  • SSE End of Exhaust Spark Arrestor (CE224)
  • SSL Spark Arrestor / Silencer (CE224)
  • SSN Advanced Flow Range Spark Arrestor (CE224)

Flameproof Alternators

  • ASX-200 12V/50A Tri-Certified Flameproof Alternators
  • ASX-300 24V/25A Tri-Certified Flameproof Alternator
  • ASX-310 24V/25A Tri-Certified Self-Exciting Flameproof Alternator
  • ASX-405/406 24V/50A Flameproof Alternator

Miniature Charging Valves

  • Gyp Charging Valves

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