Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter CS VA 525 Cs Instrument


CS Instrument Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter CS VA 525 Cs Instrument

 In-Line Air Flowmeter Model VA 525

The newly developed VA 525 combines modern digital interfaces for connection to an energy monitoring system with a small, compact design. Due to its reasonable price and modern digital interfaces this compact in-line flow sensor is used when many machines (compressed air consumers) are to be integrated as easily as possible into an energy monitoring network.


  • Compact, small design - for use in machines, behind maintenance unit at the end-user
  • Optionally with classic analog signals(4...20 mA and pulse) or digital interfaces such as Modbus RTU, Ethernet (also PoE), M-Bus
  • All interfaces are programmable via the display
  • Current consumption in m³/h, l/min,...
  • Total consumption (meter reading) in m³, l, kg
  • Temperature measurement
  • Optional: pressure measurement
  • Easy installation in existing piping through integrated measuring block (suitable for 1/4 ̋, 1/2“, 3/4 ̋, 1“, 1 ¼ ̋, 1 ½“ or 2" lines)
  • Display values can be rotated 180° in the display, e. g. when installing overhead


Parametersm³/h, l/min (1000 mbar, 20 °C) in case of compressed air resp. Nm³/h, Nl/min (1013 mbar, 0°C) in case of gases
Units adjustable via keys at a displaym³/h, m³/min, l/min, l/s, ft/min, cfm, m/s, kg/h, kg/min, g/s, lb/min, lb/h
SensorThermal mass flow sensor
Meas mediumAir, gases
Gas types over CS Service Software or CS Datalogger adjustableAir, nitrogen, argon, CO2, oxygen
Accuracy (f. M. = from the measured value) (f. E. = from end value)
± 1,5 % of m. v. ± 0,3 % of f. s.
By request:
± 1 % of m. v. ± 0,3 % of f. s. or
± 6 % of m. v. ± 0,5 % of f. s.
Pressure measurement0...16 bar, accuracy: 1%
Operating temp.-30...80 °C
Operating pressureUp to 16 bar
Digital outputRS 485 interface (Modbus RTU), M-Bus (optional) Ethernet interface or PoE
Analog output4...20 mA for m³/h resp. l/min
Pulse output1 pulse per m³ or per liter galvanically isolated. Pulse value adjustable on the display. Alternatively, the pulse output can be used as an alarm relay.
Power supply18...36 VDC, 5 W
Burden< 500 Ω
HousingPolycarbonate (IP 65)
Meas. sectionAluminum
Mounting thread meas. section:G 1/4“ to G 2“ (BSP British Standart piping) resp. 1/2“ to 2“ NPT-thread
Mounting position:Any

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