Delavan Captrol Integral 500

 Delavan Process Instrumentation manufactures products including solid and liquid point level and continuous level measurement. Delavan is a well-established company with a large customer base in a wide range of industries. Technologies include ultrasonic, capacitance, and microwave all of which complement and integrate with the L & J product offering.

Delavan has a proven track record of providing solutions to both bulk solids and liquids handling. Applications include wood chips, bailer, insulation products, coal handling paper/pulp production, petrochemical, and pharmaceuticals.

Delavan’s Captrol 500 is a cost-effective Microcontroller Based R.F. Capacitance On/Off Switch used in powder bulk solid and liquid applications.

“One-Touch” Button Calibration
With the utilization of our Microcontroller and Delavan’s unique Auto-Cal algorithm, calibration is accomplished with a momentary touch of a button. No special tools, complicated procedures, or valuable time is needed.

Principle of Operation
The Captrol 500 Microcontroller Based Point Level Switch consists of solid-state electronics mounted in a cast-aluminum explosion-proof enclosure. The rugged sensing element utilizes a driven guard designed to eliminate the effects of material build-up or coatings that may cause false signals.

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The sensing element’s “active” section is energized with an R.F. (Radio Frequency) signal approximately 2mHz. When the process level changes, a change in capacitance occurs resulting in a change in frequency. This change in frequency is compared to a preset value and after amplification, the signal is used to actuate a relay.


R.F. Capacitance On/Off Switch for powder bulk solids and liquid applications

  • Integral or remote mount electronics
  • On-board microcontroller
  • One-touch button calibration
  • Built-in “self-diagnostics”
  • Built-in driven shield/guard
    designed to eliminate false signals caused by material build-up or coatings
  • Universal power supply
    115, 230 Volts AC or 24 Volts DC
  • Status Indication LED's
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Field selectable Fail-safe modes
  • Built-in static suppression
  • Explosion-proof design
  • 3/4" stainless steel N.P.T. and flange mounting


  • Supply Voltage:
    115 Volts AC
    230 Volts AC
    24 Volts AC
    90-135 Volts AC
    180-279 Volts AC
    18-28 Volts AC
  • Power: Less than 3 volt-amperes 
  • Frequency, AC Power: 50-60 Hz
  • Output: Relay-5 amp DPTDT 
  • Ratings: 
    5 amp @ 115 Volts AC Non-inductive
    3 amp @ 230 Volts AC Non-inductive
    3 amp @ 26 Volts AC Non-inductive
  • Time Delay: Adjustable: .1 to 30 seconds
  • Fall-Safe Switch Selectable: High Level or Low Level
  • Indicators: Two light-emitting diodes (LED), GREEN - Illuminated when the probe capacitance is greater than the setpoint, RED - Illuminated when relay is energized
  • Temperature Range:
    Electronic: -40°F to +160°F (-40°C to +71°C)
    Probes: G.I.M.F.: -40° to 450°F (-40° to +232°C); G.I.M.N.: -40° to 300°F (-40° to +149°C); G.T.: -40° to 450°F (-40° to +232°C)
  • Pressure Rating:
    G.I.M.F. and G.I.M.N.: Up to 500 psi
    Teflon probes: Up to 400 psi
  • Housings Cast Aluminum with Fused Polyester Finish:
    Meet NEMA 4, 5, 7, 9, 12;
    NEC Class I - Groups C, D
    NEC Class II - Groups E, F, G
  • Stability: 0.01%F 
  • Sensitivity:
    0.5 pF to 10 pF
    Bulk solids - 10lbs./cu. ft. and greater
    Liquids - 1.5 Dielectric constant and greater

Download Datasheet: Delavan Captrol Integral 500

Reference: ljtechnologies