DS 400 Chart Recorder CS Instrument for dew point and air flow meter

 CS Instrument Paperless Recorder

Affordable mobile chart recorder - DS 400 mobile

with integrated data logger and up to 4 sensors connectable, including voltage supply for all sensors and for all relevant parameters of compressed air.

Your advantages of DS 400 mobile at a glance

  • Easy and clear layout: Very easy operation via 3.5" color display with touch panel
  • Versatile: Up to 4 sensors/meters connectable also third-party sensors/meters including power supply
  • Reliable: Stores all measured values on a memory card, easy reading out via USB stick possible
  • Intelligent energy analysis: Daily/weekly/monthly evaluations mathematic function for internal calculations, e.g. the typical key data of a compressed air plant

Standard equipment of DS 400 recorder

  • USB interface
  • 3.5" graphic display with touch screen
  • Integrated mains unit for supply of the sensors
  • 4...20 mA output of all connected active sensors
  • Pulse output (for total consumption) in case of flow sensors
  • 2 alarm relays (pot.-free switch-over contacts, max. 230 V, 3 A)

Software options For DS 400/ DS 400 Mobile

  • Integrated webserver
  • Mathematic calculation
  • Totalizer function

Application area

Our long-term hands-on experience in measurement and control technology was implemented in the new DS 400. From a recording of the measured data, automatic sensor identification, indication on a big color screen, alerting, storage up to remote read-out via web server, all that is possible with DS 400. By means of the CS-Soft, software alarms can be sent via SMS or e-mail.

On the big 3.5' color screen with a touch panel, all information is available at a glance.  The operation is very easy. All measured values, measured curves and threshold exceeding’s are  indicated. The progression of the curve, since the beginning of the measurement, can be viewed by an easy slide of the finger.

The huge difference to ordinary paperless chart recorders reveals in the easy initiation as well as in the evaluation of the measured data. All sensors are identified directly and powered by DS 400. Everything is matched and tuned


 DS 400DS 400 Mobile
118 x 115 x 98 mm IP 54 (wall housing)
92 x 92 x 75 mm (panel mounting)
270 x 225 x 156 mm (W x H x D)
Inputs2 digital inputs for FA 5xx resp. VA 5xx2 x 2 sensor inputs for digital or analog sensor signals
InterfaceUSBUSB (standard), Ethernet (optional)
Power supply100...240 VAC, 50-60 HzInternal rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, approx 8 h continuos operation, 4 h charging time
AccuracyPlease refer sensor specification
Alarm outputs2 relays, (pot.-free)N/A
Data logger100 million measuring values start/stop time, measuring rate freely adjustable
2 additional sensor inputsfor connection of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, clamp-on ammeters, third-party sensors with 4...20 mA, 0 to 10 V, Pt 100, Pt 1000

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