Electrical Connector Industry

Electrical Connector Industry

Electric connectors mentioned in this writing are the most common electric connector used in the industry. There are two kinds of shapes, the most common being the circle-shaped (circular connector) and square-shaped (rectangular connector).

In this section, we will present some connectors under the brand name "Nanaboshi" from Japan, also "Harting" connectors from Germany, "TE" connectors from the UK, and "Hirose" connectors also from Japan.

Circular Connector

  • Nanaboshi Connector
  • Hirose Connector

Rectangular Connector

  • Connector Harting
  • Connector TE
Nanaboshi Connector has various models with contacts ranging from 1 pin up to 40 pins. And also various ampere capacities ranging from 3 amperes up to 500 Ampere with low voltage at 6.6 KV
Nanaboshi Connector manufactured by Nanaboshi Electric mfg co. Ltd from Japan. And for the connection system, is directly welded instead of using a screw. The material used in this Connector production, for the housing connector is made using aluminum alloy dan zinc alloy.
The whole set of Nanaboshi Connectors consists of two main parts, plug, and receptacle, with insert contact in the form of an insert pin, often referred to as male contact, and socket insert that often referred to as female contact.
Nanaboshi connector has two types, the S type and the G type which classifications determined based to shell shape, which inside is located pin insert or socket insert.
Nanaboshi has various models and series, these are the Nanaboshi connector series that are commonly used in the industry :