Elgo Compact Position Controller P85,P87,P88 Series


Position Controller Elgo P85, P87, P88 Series

The single-axis controller of the Elgo P8511 series will be applicable to easy standard positioning tasks. An important feature is primary the easy structured function menu. It allows, quickly and comfortable, to set the target value and if necessary, a specific quantity of desired pieces in the batch counter window.


Compact Position Controller

Target value, actual value, and quantity will be displayed on the front panel. All values and parameters can be programmed via a numeric keypad on the front. Additional keys start or stop the positioning procedure. Position Controller P8721 is identical to Elgo P8511 with an additional program memory of 200 different lines.  Position Controller P8822 is a 2 axes controller and fulfills except for few restrictions the whole functional range of Elgo P8721.

Three different kinds of output signals are available for the positioning:

    • Digital transistor outputs for frequency inverters
    • Potential free shutter relays for pole changing brake motors
    •  PID-Analog output* for servo systems( *in preparation for P8822)

A 24 VDC- or 115 / 230 VAC-power pack is integrated into the unit. An optional serial interface allows data transmission and communication with a superior system.

Position Controller P85 Series

Product features:

  • Easy operating and handling
  • Manual operation mode
  • Relay- or digital outputs (+24 V-PNP) possible
  • PID-Analog output available (P85 and P87)

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Standard functions:

  • Adjustable output signals (3 different speed rates)
  • Absolute - or incremental positioning
  • Datum value and gauging
  • Inch/mm - switchover
  • Pulse factor and multi-edge counter
  • Tolerance window
  • Incremental error compensation
  • Loop operation
  • Saw blade/tool compensation
  • Encoder monitoring
  • Batch counter (only P8511 and P8721)
  • Manual operation mode
  • Software end limit monitoring


  • P8511 - Single-axis controller without program memory
  • P8721 - Single-axis controller with program memory
  • P8822 - Two axes controller with program memory


  • Woodworking machines
  • Bandsawing
  • Grinding machines
  • Plate shears
  • Fence
  • Break forming machines … and much more

Technical Data

DisplaysRed, 8mm high, 7 segment LED
Power supply24 VDC, max. 200mA 115/230 VAC, max. 20 VA (unloaded status as de energizer relays)
Encoder supply24 VDC, max. 130 mA
ConnectorsD-SUB– plug connectors or RIA-plug connectors
Accuracy of the system+/- 1 increment
Power down memory10 years (EE-Prom)
Counting frequency20 KHz
Operating temperature0 - 50 °C
Store temperature0 - 70 °C
HumidityNot condensing, max. 80 %
AltitudeMax. 2000 m
HousingBlack, metal panel housing
Dimensions of housing144 x 144 mm
Cot out138 x 138 mm
Install depth

75 mm

83 mm with RIA-Connectors,

110 mm with D-SUB Connectors

KeypadMembrane keypad
Protection classIP 43 (installed status)
Static input signals

PNP (Option -EN: NPN ), 300ms Min. pulse time/ Pin, max.10 mA / input current / Pin

(Start, Stop, reference, Incremental minus, Incremental plus, retract, fix position, batch counter up/down, End switch minus, End switch plus, Reset-System*)

Output signals

Push/pull, conditional short cut proofed, max. 10 mA output current, integrated recovery diodes  (at Option -R potential free shutter relays, max. 5 A at 230 VAC resp. max. 2 A at 24 VDC)

(Speed signals, Position reached, Drive enable, Quantity reached, Reference run active, Manual mode, Single mode*)

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