Eska Gas Valve

50 years ago, it all started in a small mold workshop. over the years, Eska's product portfolio and production capacity have expanded. Ingenuity, hard work, and commitment to manufacturing reliable products transformed that small workshop into a factory, fully capable of producing any of the components of our product portfolio independently.  Eska proudly declares that our evolving structure and constant growth led us to be the market leader in Turkey and an Internationally recognized brand on a global scale.

Eska has some categories of products such as Direct Acting Gas Pressure Regulators, Double Stage Gas Pressure Regulators, Single Stage Gas Pressure Regulators, Gas Filters, Gas Valves, Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device. And Eska has some solutions for gases. Such as Cabinet Solutions and Station Solutions.

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Gas Valve

  • EGV Manual Reset Gas Valve Gas Networks and Industrial Pipelines: ESKA EGV series, manually adjusted gas valves, are used for safety purposes in the gas lines to automatically stop the gas flow by the effect of the signals given by the third party equipment such as gas alarm detectors, ventilation devices, etc.
  • EMV Mechanical Actuated Seismic Valve: ESKA EMV Series Earthquake Valve is a shut-off valve that is activated during seismic oscillation. Activation and non-activation waves are defined in TS 12884 Turkish Standard. This Turkish standard was created based on the ANSI Z11 standard in the United States. Once the mechanical actuation system senses the seismic oscillation, the valve shuts the gas off and you should rearm manually in order to reactivate gas flow. This valve basically is a manual reset, normally open gas valve. The main aim is to decrease the risk of gas leakage related to fire when an earthquake occurs. In countries this safety system is available, the main regulation is done by the fire safety department.