Eska Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device

50 years ago, it all started in a small mold workshop. over the years, Eska's product portfolio and production capacity have expanded. Ingenuity, hard work, and commitment to manufacturing reliable products transformed that small workshop into a factory, fully capable of producing any of the components of our product portfolio independently.  Eska proudly declares that our evolving structure and constant growth led us to be the market leader in Turkey and an Internationally recognized brand on a global scale.

Eska has some categories of products such as Direct Acting Gas Pressure Regulators, Double Stage Gas Pressure Regulators, Single Stage Gas Pressure Regulators, Gas Filters, Gas Valves, Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device. And Eska has some solutions for gases. Such as Cabinet Solutions and Station Solutions. One of the Categories of products is Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device. Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device just has one product such as Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device EAC.

Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device

  • Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device EAC: ESKA EAC model gas alarm device is an A-type device that complies with the EN 50194-1 standard. EAC is designed to be used at homes, offices, and similar places to detect explosive gases (natural gas and LPG). It is an electrical alarm device constantly working, set in a stable place, and creates an output signal that activates the stopper and/or auxiliary devices with a visual and audio warning. It works with 230V AC 50/60 Hz network voltage.
  • The alarm adjustment level of the device for LPG is % 0,2 (two in a thousand) or 2.000 ppm (two thousand in a million) (5%). The device can’t detect gases with hazardous effects such as carbon monoxide. The visual and audible alarms of the gas detection device work within 30 seconds at most after the device is exposed to the gas volume it needs to detect.