Fcon CUBE GM-Xα series Touch Panel Gas Mixer with Buffer tank specification

Feature :

  • CUBEGM-Xα Series (Buffer tank specification) is an all-in-one unit that has a Touch panel, PLC unit, Mass Flow Controller, Power supply, Valve, Check Valve Gas Mixer, and Buffer tank.
  • Program operation: Program operation is possible by setting the flow rate and time of each line.
  • Alarm function: An alarm sound is notified if an error occurs by any upper / lower limit setting of each line flow rate.
  • The pressure in the buffer tank is constantly monitored, and when the pressure falls below a fixed pressure, gas is automatically supplied to the buffer tank at the set mixing ratio. (Automatic stop and automatic restart pressure are fixed values, so please inquire in advance.)
  • Simply connect the piping to the INside and OUTside.
  • Easy to move due to stoppered casters.
  • [CUBEGM-Xα Series] is a device that supplies a mixed gas species of 2, 3, and 4 to set up and control any of the flow rates.
  • Analog mass flow controller [1000 Series] is mounted as a standard feature.
  • The mass flow controller, which flow control range is from 10SCCM to 50SLM, can be mounted as a standard. In other cases, please contact us.
  • It can be reduced the cost when you use a Gas mixer than you purchase gas cylinders that have been prepared in the mixing ratio.
  • It can be used for a wide range of applications such as analysis, environment, bio, packaging, medical, and gas welding.
  • Applicable gases: Inert gas. (For more information, please contact us)

Specification :




CUBEGM-Xα2: W350×D400×H1100(mm) Except protrusion / In the case of 10 L tank
CUBEGM-Xα3: W430×D400×H1100(mm)
 Except protrusion / In the case of 10 L tank
CUBEGM-Xα4: W510×D400×H1100(mm)
 Except protrusion / In the case of 10 L tank

Input power


Current consumption

About 125VA In the case of 3 mass flow controllers equipped with

Flow range (*1)

50SLMTotal flow rate

Flow rate control range


Flow rate control

MFC : C1000 Series or FCST1000L Series

Flow rate output signals


Operating differential pressure

Conform to built-in mass flow controller specification

Pressure Resistance

Conform to built-in mass flow controller specification


Solenoid Valve

Leak Integrity

5×10-7Pam3/sec He

Pressure resistance


Wetted surface material

SUS316, PTFE, Fluoro-Rubber (FCST1000L Series :
Magnetic stainless steel, Fluoro-Rubber or Chloroprene rubber)

Standard fitting

1/4in.SWL (equivalent) For other fittings, please contact us.

Operating environment

5-50, 30-80RH (Scope of accuracy guarantee: 15-35)

Tank volume(*2)

Touch panel operation

Tank operating pressure

0.49 MPa

Mass flow control

Touch panel operation


AC cable(2m), User's manual, Written Guarantee

*1. At FCON, flow rates (SCCM, SLM) are converted to values at 0°C, 101.3kPa abs (1atm) for calibration.
*2. For other tank volumes please kindly discuss with us.

Reference: http://www.fcon-inc.jp