Gastec Detector Tubes

About Gastec

Gastec Corporation is a company focusing on manufacture, import/export and distribution of easy-to-use instruments for detecting / measuring gas and water quality, sale, etc. The company itself is originally is from Japan, with its head quarter located in Kanagawa. Gastec also has affiliate company in USA, China, and Korea.

Its product range from Direct reading detector tubes, instruments (including alarm metres) for detecting/measuring oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, as well as other toxic gases; ancillary equipment concerning gas measurement (sampling, correcting, etc.).

Their range product can be applied in  several areas, such as environmental assessment (atmosphere, indoor air, workplace, etc.) process management, research, medical treatment, education, miscellaneous industrial uses.

Since the establishment in 1970, Gastec received several award from Japan government also international organization, such as  Ota Prize of the Japan Gas Association in 1980, 15th SME Excellent New Technology and New Product Prize in 2003, 2003 and 2013 Technology Prize by AEAJ (Aroma Environment Association Of Japan). Also in 1998, Gastec received ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certification for the design and production of detector tubes, portable gas detection devices, gas sensors, gas sampling equipment, and calibration gas generating systems (both headquarter and plant facilities)

Gastec Detector Tubes Products:

  1. Gas detector tube system
  2. Detector tube
  3. Gas sampling pump kit & accessories
  4. Detector tubes method for various application

Other products from Gastec

  1. Automatic air sampling pump GSP series
  2. Product related to gas collection
  3. Calibration gas generation system
  4. Oxygen detector
  5. Carbon Monoxide detector
  6. Hydrogen sulfide detector
  7. Flammable gas detector
  8. Multi gas detector
  9. Gas sensor
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